FOTD – September 12 – Finally! – My Poppies!!

They’ve been highly anticipated by me for some time now and finally a number of plants are sprouting their brilliantly coloured blooms. 🙂

lovewillbringustogether -White Cross Poppy1The usual ‘black cross’ has been swapped for a white one.

lovewillbringustogether - Poppy ShiningThe poppy’s petals have the sheen of the sheerest silks. 😉 The cross has been reduced to a much thinner black ‘bar’on this 13 o’clock poppy.

lovewillbringustogether - pink poppyA genetic hybrid has produced a ‘hot pink’ version – with a most unusual evenly numbered ‘clock face’ in the centre.

lovewillbringustogether - Poppy Bandit at 13 OClockBandit at 13 o’clock! 😉 There is barely any cross at the centre


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Cee’s Flower of the Day – September 12, 2019 – Mums





    • Makes my heart glad to hear that! 😀

      ‘Largest’ of my poppy clocks i’ve counted was 17. Am unsure why the ridges are usually odd in mumber while the petals are generally even (4, 6 or 8)?

      I’ve never tried counting the stamen!!

      I find my poppy collection fascinating… as you can probably tell. 🙂


      • Well, now you’ve started the petal discussion, I can’t help but mention Fibonacci. However, by his sequence, there’d always be 3,5,8,13, 21, 34 or 55 petals and we know that’s not true. I may have to retire and make this my study. Ah, the things we do for the greater good.

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        • I notice a number of my poppies are ‘mutations’ where either petal or stamen/stigma colour differ or petal numbers or stigma ‘clock’ numbers differ.

          I don’t believe poppies follow Mr Fibonacci but i think they generally do have prime numbered ‘clocks’! Mine are most commonly either 7, 11, 13 or 17? I may also have had 14 and 15’s but rarely. (Mutation?)

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