As Night Closes In Another Day Begins…

Taken tonight with my Nikon Coolpix B700 an hour after sundown.

(Definitely worth viewing full size – just click once, then once again.) 🙂Lovewillbringustogether - Waxing Half Moon2Day begins on the Moon in the shadowline.

From a shot i took 2 months ago. Can you see the ‘paw print’??
Lovewillbringustogether - Half Moon - paw print illusion If you look at the paw, then move your gaze to the left and look around a little then slowly bring your gaze back to the paw… see if you can make the craters on top into flat mountains??




    • 🙂 Yes.

      I was looking at the craters first, then i saw the ‘print’ and let my eyes move away for a second, when i looked back i could only see them as raised lumps with a dimple in the middle! Took me a long time to change that impression back. 🙂


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