FOTD – September 3 – Spiked Mint Bush (Prostanthera phylicifolia)

This is the 3rd in a series of 3 of the native flowers of my State of Western Australia – the Spiked Mint Bush, a member of the Lamiaceae family of plants including the Mints, hence the name. This one is actually more commonly found in the Eastern states. It is a small to medium shrub growing to about 1.5 m (5 ft) tall with fleshy, curved leaves that have small sharp spikes at the tips and light purple/mauve funnel shaped flowers that are around 2.5 cm (an inch) long.

This was also found this by the lakeside where the Swan River Myrtle and the ‘Cockie’s Tongues‘ were growing. 🙂

(Click on a pic to open in a new window and click again to see enlarged detail!) 🙂lovewillbringustogether -Prostanthera phylicifolia2The late afternoon sunshine sparkles off the waxy surface of the flowers. 🙂

lovewillbringustogether -Prostanthera phylicifolia1This young bush was no more than 30 cm (1 ft) tall but the long branches had spread out wide making it almost look like a groundcover about a metre in diameter!

lovewillbringustogether -Prostanthera phylicifolia3

This is the small lake surrounded by tall eucalypts and smaller melaleuca trees. Winter rains have filled it but in a few months you could practically walk from here to the trees without getting your feet wet!  🙂


link to:

Cee’s Flower of the Day – September 3, 2019 – Dahlia




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