Daily Funny – Day #245

7 dwarf


Grumpy cuts his hand while working at the mine so he goes to Snow White to see if she will bandage it for him.

Snow White looks at the cut and sees it’s quite deep so she wraps it tightly and tells Grumpy he has to go to the Doctor’s surgery as he’ll probably need some stitches. 🙂

When he gets to the surgery Grumpy’s mood isn’t helped any as he sees there are about 10 people waiting in the waiting room ahead of him.

He walks up to the receptionist desk and with his hat barely making it to the top of the counter says in a loud voice, “I’ve got a bad cut on my hand that needs stitching NOW! I demand to see the doctor immediately!”

The receptionist peers over the counter to look down at the belligerent little dwarf and politely says, “I’m sorry Sir, the doctor cannot possibly see you now, you’ll just have to be a little patient!” 😉




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