Daily Funny – Day #243


I was going home from the big game yesterday when i saw this guy mouthing off to a family of supporters from the other team. He was being really belligerent and i could see the parents were afraid for their kids. The guy had a T-shirt with a big number 1 on it and was shouting ‘We’re Number One! We’re Number One!”

I stepped in and challenged him to a fight. That’s when his friends turned up, four of them! They were wearing T-shirts too, with the numbers 3, 5, 7 and 9 on them.


That’s when i knew the odds were against me!!! 🙂


But I’ll get even… just 2 8!! 😉 🙂




    • Ha-ha. 😀

      I thought that this one might not translate very well! 😉

      Pari e dispari – “Evens and Odds” (numeri), but we say: Odds and Evens – 1 comes before 2! 🙂

      In English we use the word “Odds” to also mean probabilities, like in gambling!

      100:1 is a case where ‘the odds are against you”. 1:2 “the odds are in your favour.” 🙂

      “Getting even” means to get revenge or to level the score.

      2 and 8 are ‘even numbers’, but if you say it quickly “Just 2 8” can sound like: basta attendere (e vedere cosa succede).

      Not all jokes are funny jokes! 😉 🙂

      A presto, e grazie per aver letto il mio post!

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