Life Balance

Life ensures that there is always a balance* between what we see as ‘Good’ and what we see as ‘Not Good’ (Bad 🙂 ).

golden scales

If we can learn to accept and embrace this totally, become content with this, then our life will be in Harmony with all life and we will live as we should. If we don’t we can expect many disappointments.


*  Although there is Balance this does not necessarily equate to us having both good things and bad things in our life at any given moment. As well as Balance there is also a ‘Rhythm’ to life – like a pendulum swinging slowly backwards then forwards. We may experience times when there seems to be a predominance of one kind of fortune over another.  Also, if we develop a negative mindset as a result of misfortune at some point in time, this can make us unaware of, or unappreciative of, that which is to our ultimate good in this life.

Because of Balance, the reverse of that last sentence may also be true.





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