Daily Funny – Day #231

Animals behind fence and zoo sign


Life can get pretty weird these days…

The other day I saw a piece of toast in a cage at the zoo. That was it! The toast was the exhibit!


Apparently it was bread in captivity. 😉 🙂




    • That’s exactly the reaction i look for! 😉

      Thanks Jess!

      And i’m not being anti-social, Google Chrome won’t let me visit your blog. It says your site may be ‘unsafe’ and something about an invalid ‘certificate’??

      You might have to contact WP or google??


      • Good to know.. You’re the second person to tell me that, and with a different browser 😦 I also can’t post anything at the moment.. Not sure what’s broken but I really need to talk to someone about everything websitey..

        Before then, though, I have to finally get my aquarium sorted out so that my fish can move back out of their temporary box.. That’s been taking all my free time for the last few weeks.. (because I’m SLOOOOOOOW)


        • Should be fixed now. The fish still haven’t moved but I was curious so I wrote to the website hosts and it was sorted within minutes. And they couldn’t tell me what was wrong, except that it was something they were responsible for…


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