A Misty Moon In Scorpio

I love going out with my camera on a clear night and capturing the beauty some rarely get a chance to see.

Nights here in Perth have been especially clear recently, but in August that means you need to rug up warm if you are going to be spending any length of time outside. The days can be beautiful but it can drop 20 degs C from daytime temps to night-time.

I still managed to get these shots last week:

(More detail can be seen by clicking on the photos to enlarge them.)Lovewillbringustogether - Moon in Scorpio1A Ghost Moon with ‘pincers’ – appropriately located in the constellation of Scorpio.

The second brightest object shown is the planet Jupiter, the largest planet in our Solar System. The third brightest, just above it is the red super-giant star Antares, (Alpha Scorpii) which is located near the ‘heart’ of the Scorpion. The ‘tail’ with it’s sting is off to the right and the pincers are the three brightish stars to the upper left. (Can see them more clearly by clicking and enlarging the image!)

To say Antares is a big star is a little like saying Michael Jackson could carry a tune and dance a little. This image might convey something of the star’s true size remembering that around one million planet Earth’s could fit comfortably inside our own Sun (Sol).

Comparison size of 2 stars and their Radii, R, with our own Sun – to scale.

Unbelievably, there is an even larger star in the constellation Scorpio – AH Scorpii – that is over double the diameter of Antares making it one of the 3 largest stars in our galaxy! However it’s distance from us and luminosity is such that it is barely visible to the naked eye, even in excellent night viewing circumstances.

Lovewillbringustogether - Moon in Scorpio2A small ring of cloud gives an even more ghostly aspect to this Moon In Scorpio.

Once the cloud had passed i was able to get a ‘clean’ shot of the ‘Gibbous Ghost’. 🙂
Lovewillbringustogether - Moon in Scorpio3The long shadows cast by the Sun as the lunar night recedes from the lit surface highlights the mountain ranges and craters that are washed clean of much detail in the more brightly lit areas of the surface.



    • I’ve seen some unbelievable shots taken by real photographers from the remotest parts of my state (away from light pollution).

      Maybe one day when i get to be good and have the right equipment i’ll have to take a trip. You’re welcome to come. 🙂

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