A Crown Of Clouds

Another in what could yet become a series of unusual cloud photos of the skies above my home.

This was how the Sun set here on Monday evening. The panorama was too big to capture in a single photo and this is a poor attempt to stitch two photos together to make a panorama (My camera has a ‘Panorama’ setting but i have not yet practiced this arcane art – I may need to fix this sad situation one day soon).

Still – you get the ‘picture’. There are many shots of the Sunlight making a fan shape as they shine down through gaps in clouds or as they light the undersides of clouds in ‘rays’, but this is something else – something i don’t ever remember seeing before! Not only does the sunlight seem to be ‘fan-shaped’ but the clouds themselves are seemingly lining up to all point to a single spot (the Sunset position).

You can click on the pic to expand in a new window.lovewillbringustogether -August Sunset1

The truth is those clouds are all making parallel lines and the optical effect well-known to artists who paint of perspective and vanishing points over long distances gives the appearance that the clouds are all aligning with a single point on the horizon.

The clouds ‘ended’ before they reached my zenith point but if i had been at the coast (about 8km/5mi to the West) i could have looked up vertically and shown that those clouds were making evenly spaced ‘waves and troughs’ (in a similar pattern to waves on an ocean surface) and were perfectly parallel, looking like this: |||||||||||||||||




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