A Sun Day Sunday

Have been hearing a lot about bad weather in the Northern half of the planet and thought i’d share a few shots of my Winter weather here in Perth just to balance the ‘ship’ a little.

Click on any pic to open a new window and see enlarged detail – if you like? lovewillbringustogether - Winter's Sunday1My front garden…

lovewillbringustogether - Winter's Sunday2My rear garden…

lovewillbringustogether - Winter's Sunday3Still 6 weeks until the Spring Solstice? (Cape Daisies and Geraldton Wax with Pink Diosma flowering in the hedge.)

lovewillbringustogether - Winter's Sunday5Try telling the flowers that! 🙂   (Variegated leaved gazania and white freesias).

lovewillbringustogether - Winter's Sunday4Yellow gazania and purple wood sorrel.


It’s a tough life living in Western Australia, but somebody has to do it!

I’m rather glad it is me actually. 😉




  1. It looks lovely! This week has been nice here too — not so hot, mornings overcast and cool, with sunny afternoons. Should be a little warmer in the coming week, but back to this by next weekend. I can live with that quite nicely!

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      • I haven’t felt a quake since the first two, although there have been 80K+ aftershocks (most less than magnitude 2! I’ll be glad when the humidity disappears for the summer!

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        • It IS good news, as long as those thousands of little aftershocks aren’t building up pressure somewhere! Our summers used to be sunny and dry as soon as we got to about July 15, and never the level of humidity that we’ve had for the last 2 or 3 years. The climate definitely is changing now, and I look forward to late summer, with hot, dry days and cool evenings.

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