Humble Bumble Bees

Another bee-utiful Winter’s day Down Under; 23 C, clear blue skies, hardly a breath of wind. The sort of day just made for bees to collect their nectar from whatever flowers are brave enough to pop their heads out at this time of year. (Actually, it seems that my flowers’ regular flowering patterns have told Mother Nature to go take a running jump this year and they are going to flower whenever they feel like it!)

I caught a few feasting on my Euryops pectinatus, or Golden Daisy bush, yesterday! 🙂

lovewillbringustogether - Australian Honeybee3The orange coloured pollen basket, or corbicula,  is part of the tibia on the hind legs of certain species of bees. They use the structure when harvesting pollen. Other species of bees have scopae instead, a dense mass of elongated hairs to which pollen is stuck for carrying back to the hive, which may be either on their hind legs or their abdomen.

(Click on pic to open in new window and click again to enlarge) 🙂lovewillbringustogether - Australian Honeybee2

These guys are actually Honey Bees, not Bumblebees, which are mostly found at the higher altitudes and usually North of the Equator.

lovewillbringustogether - Australian Honeybee1

This little furry fella (it may, in fact be a female, foraging worker bees may be of either sex!) is just about fully ‘loaded’ and will soon need to deliver his hoard to the hive. 🙂





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