King Kong v Godzilla – The Rematch

Probably went largely unnoticed by most humans on the planet but at least i caught one picture for posterity – you can thank me later! (Chocolates most appreciated).

lovewillbringustogether - King Kong V Godzila(Click on pic to enlarge and see better detail) 🙂



  1. I caught one evening like that on the road back from Connecticut. It was AMAZING to see. Even the trees turned gold — and it wasn’t autumn! It was something about the way the sun was filtering through the air and clouds. I’d like an explanation. Never seen anything like that before or since — until now.

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    • This was taken Mid-Winter, pretty close to dusk. There were a lot of clouds about and little of the golden light was hitting anything on the ground, or at least nothing near me!

      Now if i was 1000ft higher…. 😀


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