Terrible Poetry – A Limerick

I’ve taken up ChelseaannOwens‘ terrible poetry challenge again.

This time the theme is Limericks!  A 5 line poem of ‘AABBA’ rhyming scheme. (Entries for this week close Friday 26 July, 8:00 AM some weird American time).

Bereaved dad has once again kindly double-dared me to include a word of his choosing…

… he gave me ‘Jerks’. 🙁




A Bunch Of Jerks.


A doddering politician named Boris

Was desiring of very high office.

Where, with his junior jerks,

They’d acquire loads of perks,

While all the time ripping our wealth off us!


(I had initially planned on rhyming Boris with Slow Loris but coming to my senses i realised there was no way i wanted to allow any possible insinuation of a connection between such a wonderfully appealing and harmless creature with England’s current PM!)

The Slow Loris:







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