One Eye On The Sun, One Eye On The Moon!

Caught this Australian Magpie keeping an eye out on our two main celestial bodies – one on each! 🙂
(Click on a pic to enlarge it for full detail)lovewillbringustogether - Australian Magpie11The Sun was about 30 degrees above the Western horizon, while the Moon was a similar angle to the east.

He’s perching on a ‘Shepherd’s Crook’ (the outlet of a gravity-based hot water system pressure valve above my roof).

The magpie, close-up… lovewillbringustogether - Australian Magpie12

Lovewillbringustogether - Blue MoonWhat he’s looking at, close-up! 🙂




    • Greatly appreciated Marilyn! Thanks. 🙂

      It amuses me to think what was going on in his head as one half of his bird-brain was focussed on the Moon while the other was filled with a blazing setting Sun?


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