NASA Announces Bold New Moon Venture…

NASA announced today as part of their revival of the US Space Program that their next mission would be to put a Bird on the Moon!…

(I beat them to it!) 😉

Lovewillbringustogether - New Moon and WattlebirdsA pair of Red Wattlebirds on a Cape Lilac tree. (Click on any image to zoom for full detail)

Of course, the really tricky bit is getting the tree up there for them to perch upon! 🙂
Lovewillbringustogether - New Moon in the Trees

4 days after full moon.Lovewillbringustogether - New Moon2(Click on image to zoom for full detail)

Taken @ 5:25 pm, 7 Jul 2019, just a few minutes after sunset. The sky was bright blue and the moon a little higher in the sky than the last time so more of the blueness can be seen by the zoom. 🙂

Love ❤


  1. That is a perfectly gorgeous photograph! I’d love to have it on a tee shirt … also, obviously, a great wall print except I haven’t got any remaining walls. They are already full of prints! But seriously, it is stunning and you are clearly getting very good at this photography business! You’ve taken a huge artistic leap over the past few months. I’m really impressed!

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