A New Moon Dawning At Evening…

The New Moon officially fell on Wednesday but was aligned too closely with the Sun to photograph. Thursday was a bit wet and cloudy, but Friday!

(Click on image to zoom for full detail)Lovewillbringustogether - New Moon

Taken @ 5:33 pm, 5 Jul 2019, just a few minutes after sunset. The sky was still blue but with so little light being dispersed down to me and with a high zoom lens the background is somewhat darker than seen with the naked eye. 🙂

The far side of the Moon would be almost completely lit by the Sun, with it being positioned just a few degrees away from a direct line between us and the Sun. As we will get to see more of the Moon in full sunlight for the next 12 days what we are looking at here is ‘Morning’ on the Moon in Evening on the Earth! 🙂

Love ❤


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