Daily Funny – Day #178

Parliament Recalled A Week Early To Debate ABCC Bill

Politicians and diapers have two things in common.

  1. We pay a lot more for them than we want to. and
  2. They should both be changed regularly, and for the exactly the same reason. 😉




  1. True true. In our country we don’t even have a government because the main parties cannot agree so no one is in charge. Everything is going to the dogs and those guys are still getting their wages in each month.

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  2. We’ve just re-elected a shambolic government (mostly thanks to a $60 million dollar fear campaign against the pre-election favourite to win, run by a billionnaire political wannabe – who failed to get a single seat in the new parliament but got what he really wanted – his cronies in power for another 3 years!)

    it’s about as pretty as your situation!

    You can’t win with one and you can’t win without one, it seems.

    The politicians win either way!

    Time for a change in the way we do business methinks??


    • It sure sounds like the US government, too! Yesterday and today were the first 2 debates of Democrats running for the next Presidential election in 11/2020 — there were 20 people on stage, each having about 5 minutes total to present themselves. With any good fortune, we’ll have a new President after the election, but it will be a long year and half!

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      • I saw a little of the debate on our news.

        I thought we had it bad this year because our pollies (and the billionnaire in particular) went into campaign mode about 6 months before the election – it seemed like an eternity of adverts before we got to vote – most were well sick of it by then… but you guys have it for 18 months?????

        There’d be a revolution here if we had to put up with that sort of rubbish! 😉

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        • Yes — our primaries will begin in February or March, State by State (remember, there are 50 states!). They will determine, to a large extent, who becomes the candidate for President. And the General election is in November, 2020. The debates will winnow out some of the candidates, and there will be more debates before we get to the primaries, then more before the general, but we do have 18 months to look forward to!


        • ‘Primaries’ are a concept foreign to Australian/British forms of government. But we elect a party, not a President. The general population has no say as to who leads our country, just which party does. it’s up to the party (largely in secret) who decides on their leader. (But we know who the party leader is before we get to vote for ‘our’ local candidate of the party we want in government. The party can – and has four times from the last 2 ‘elected’ leaders – decide to change their and the country’s leader without the voters having a say in the matter!

          The ‘Leader’s’ job is to toe the Party line and to make the party look good at supposedly representing the party’s wishes. 😦 (And to take the blame when things go wrong, as they often do here).

          We call this Democracy – it is a complete load of B………..!

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        • Primaries are just a way for us to winnow down the slate from the 24 Democratic candidates and 2 Republicans who want to run for President — it’s too complicated for a comment here, but there will be 50 primaries in the spring, pus 2 national conventions, plus the general election and the electoral college before the President is actually elected! It is actually possible to win the election with less than a plurality of the people voting. And removal can be done by impeachment or by determination that the President is not fit to serve, but more likely by vote of the electorate after 4 years! The main question is “who would want such a job?”

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        • So how many times would you actually get a vote/say in that looooooooooong-winded process? 🙂

          And in answer to the question:
          An egotistical narcissist apparently, someone who has access to about a $billion or more to buy enough votes to get the job.

          Or someone who can’t stand the thought of the current guy getting back in? ( and who has about a $billion etc…) 😉

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        • The general public votes in the Primary elections in the spring, and in the general election in November. We are then represented by delegates at the national conventions and the electoral college.

          There’s a LOT of fund-raising that goes on throughout the process — I receive daily emails from one candidate, for example. The access to funds is mostly important to pay for the incessant advertising and campaign expenses involved in the process — TV and other media, transportation around the country, rally venues, etc. Yes, both egotistical narcissists and those who can’t stand the thought of the current guy having another term. Fortunately there are “term limits” — a limit of 2 terms for any President!

          And, of course, there are simultaneous elections for Congress (House and Senate), State legislatures of various types, and local/municipal governing boards of various types!

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        • That’s another difference… we have separate (and compulsory) voting for Federal and state governments (2 houses each) and another for non-compulsory local government councils and our Federal government term is just a maximum (no minimum) 3 years.

          We could end up voting 6 times in four years!

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        • We just vote in primaries and general for President/VP, with 4-year terms and 2 terms limit. For Senate, reps are chosen every 6 years, rotating between reps for the state, and each state has 2 Senators — there are primaries and general. For House, reps are elected every 2 years, without limits, again with primaries and general. State and local elections vary by state. In California, and I think in other states as well, the elections are combined, so we may be voting in national and various local elections on the same ballot — they sometimes get pretty long!

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        • Yeah – we get some doozies of voting forms too. You largely only get to choose between the two main parties i believe with maybe an odd independent? Some of our states will put up over 50 different parties with multiple candidates. One state had a vote paper that was over 4 feet long!

          Anyone we vote for has to give ‘preferences’ to other parties if they are not the most popular overall choice, the one with the lowest first votes gets eliminated and the process repeats after preferences have been allocated until just the two most popular parties remain in a seat, which is mostly the same two parties all over, with a few exceptions. The seat is awarded to the one with the most votes after final preferences and the election goes to the party with the most number of seats nationwide.


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