Daily Funny – Day #173

14 Diet

I’ve been eating too much and have put on a bit of weight recently so i decided i had to diet. I looked through a few ideas and finally decided i’d give the 14 day diet a try.

It went Great!

I don’t mean to brag but i finished it in 3 hours 15 minutes!! 😉



  1. If it was possible we could certainly fit a lot more in.

    We ‘waste’ (not really) 1/3rd of our lifespan sleeping – if we could sleep for just 2 hours and get all the rest we needed we’d have around an extra 25 years to do stuff in!! 🙂

    Just last night i was listening to a neurologist on the radio (before going to sleep) whose speciality was sleep habits/patterns/function. and he said that we still don’t really have that much of an idea WHY we sleep, what purpose it serves that could not be served by simply resting.

    We spend so much of our time in a sleep state it has to serve some function(s), we just have not defined what it is(they are), exactly?


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