Daily Funny – Day #169

A little philosophy today… something to actually think about:


So are you one of those people? 🙂

Or are you one of THOSE people??

The choice is really up to you!





The best kind of people are the ones who come into your life and show you sunshine where once you saw clouds; the people who believe in YOU so much YOU begin to believe in you too; the people who Love you simply for being you.

The ‘Once in a lifetime’ kind of people.


  1. Love’s Flower Identification Service.. Ah, I’m so proud. I’ve driven you to it no doubt, but one hand gives and another takes away. There is no place to comment on your i.d. service page that I can find. Am I overlooking something? You are, indeed, very good at it and you’ve convinced me that you have the definitive answer to my last query, but there will doubtless be more floral quandries in my future. How do I send them to you or will you go on casting your fine net to collect them wherever I my give voice to them? Again, thankfully–Judy

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    • You can bask in your deserved glories! 🙂

      Yeah…. i was kinda wondering about the comment thing. I was sure people could leave comments on my other pages and i could not find anywhere where it gave you the option, so i assumed it would be automatic.

      I just looked harder and found it! – you can leave comments now, anytime you may feel the need. 😉

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