Should I Stay Or Should I Go Now??

The name of a very popular song by The Clash from the ’80’s (Damn! That was over 30 years ago!?) it seemed appropriate for these two images i caught of my birdbath and some visitors this last month just gone.

(Click on a pic to open in a new window and click again for full detail 🙂 )lovewillbringustogether - Stay or Go1Two Laughing Doves, one staying, one leaving. 🙂

lovewillbringustogether - Stay or Go2Two tiny brown honeyeaters making similar choices, 🙂

And some more New Holland Honeyeaters sharing the poolside with a Willie Wagtail.




  1. This morning when I got up to feed the dogs, I opened the door to the porch and FIVE SQUIRRELS ran away. The moment they scooted, a horde of birds fell out of the sky. Leaving? Oh good. Let’s go! The birds are (briefly) back!

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    • Hmmmm…. You let one in and before you know it he’s brought his whole family and relatives to move in with him and the whole neighbourhood’s gone to the squirrels! 😉

      I have an issue with the neighbours’ cats scrounging round my birdbath!!


    • True… but neither do ours! 😉

      Those are on the 3 New Holland Honeyeaters. ‘Willie’ is the handsome chap in the black and white Tux and with the white eyebrow flashes at the end of the vid. 🙂

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