Blue Skies Smilin’ At Me…

Frankie predicted it back in 1946… “Nothing but blue skies from now on…”

He probably didn’t realise that he was indicating what Australia (Perth to be precise) was going to be like in 2019 but never the less this seems to be the case.

I supply the following as photographic proof taken from my home May 27th (Still looks the same today, as it has for most of this month).

Evening sky facing east…lovewillbringustogether -Sunsetting2

Same sky, facing west…lovewillbringustogether -Sunsetting1

Perth is just about to have it’s driest May on record – no clouds = no rain. So far this month we have had a total of 19.8mm (3/4 in), normally we can ‘rely’ on around 90mm. No rain is forecast before Friday. To date we are more than 100mm (4 in) behind the average rainfall expected from Jan 1 up until the end of May (usually ~180mm on average).

This is becoming an increasing trend since i first arrived here 50 years ago.

Having so many incredibly perfect days of 20+ degree C (70+ F) maxima in the month just before Winter is supposed to arrive might seem like something to be desired – and i greatly prefer it to the opposite, for my lifestyle – but it does start to get a bit ‘samey’ after so long. (World’s tiniest violin playing softly in the background).

Still i know of some people who probably will appreciate seeing just what a blue sky looks like once in a while. 🙂




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