Daily Funny – Day #123

L E Phant
L.E. Fant (Jr)


I bought my girlfriend a full grown elephant to keep in her room.

She started to thank me but i stopped her and said, “Please, Don’t mention it!”  😉




    • Gladly! 🙂

      It’s a twist on the expression to ‘Not mention the elephant in the room’.

      Have you heard it said before??

      If not, it’s used when someone is giving a long-winded explanation or excuse concerning some minor issue when there is a much larger issue, that is obvious to all, which is not being mentioned or ignored for the convenience of the person talking about, or who is supposed to be dealing with, a situation.

      In case you had not already picked this up before now…. i have a Very weird sense of humour sometimes! 😉


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