Down At The Lake – Part 2, Australasian Grebe, Wood Ducks and Pacific Black Duck.

My trip down to the small local lake on Sunday morning resulted in a number of delightful bird photographs besides those of yesterday’s beautiful Heron.

Some were resting under shady trees, some busy feeding underwater and some were just taking a leisurely Sunday paddle on the lake. 🙂

(Click on pics to open in a new window and again to expand for detail)lovewillbringustogether - australasian wooducksTwo pairs of Australian Wood Ducks, enjoying the shade from the warm sunshine. The males have the grey bodies.

lovewillbringustogether - Bottoms-up
Bottoms Up! (Pacific Black Ducks)

lovewillbringustogether - australasian grebe2 The Australasian Grebe (Male). The water is reflecting the branches of a Weeping Wattle tree.

lovewillbringustogether - australasian grebe1It looks like his ar$e just exploded?? 🙂 🙂

I have saved images of the Australian Ibis for part 3.



  1. There are a crazy number of ducks in this world! We must have more than a dozen just locally and everywhere I look, there are more. Wild colors, too. And everyone — including all the other birds — love ducks. They get along with everyone except human hunters.

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    • That’s true! I don’t notice it so much on this side of my country, but the Eastern State’rs have their annual start to the Duck Hunting Season (Wabbit season!!) 🙂 with the compulsory wildlife protection groups protesting and trying to get on the news by interfering with the poor hunters ‘Fun’??

      I love our ducks, but wish we had a more colourful bunch, mine are mostly brown or black, with just a hint of hidden splendour.

      Still, for the middle of a big metropolitan city, i ain’t complaining! 😉


  2. After your flower series, now we are on to your bird series!!! Love it. (With the humor series in between) My favorite part is the reflection on the water. By the way, why is that duck exposing himself like that? A flasher duck?

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    • I loved the green reflections too – reminded me a little of weird 70’s wallpapers! 😉

      I think he was just having a bad feather day!?? 😉


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