FOTD – April 2 – Double Double (Alstroemeria and Vinca)

I took my camera out with me into the garden this morning and found some ‘Double Delights’.

(Click on a pic to open in a new window and click again to see enlarged detail!) 🙂lovewillbringustogether -Pink Vinca Pair2 Pink Vinca ‘Propellors’ looking like they’re getting ready for Take-Off! 🙂

lovewillbringustogether - alstroemeria3 A pair of Alstroemeria or Peruvian Lilys. This was a Christmas present i bought my Mum for 2016 and it has given 40-50 such blooms per season since then from a small plant kept in a 12cm diam (4 in) pot.


link to:

Cee’s Flower of the Day – April 2, 2019 – Magnolia Tree



    • I keep my Vinca’s in pots – the long hot summers with little rain (we’ve had under half an inch so far this year!) would kill them dead otherwise. 😦

      These are Minors, around an inch across!


      • They line the streets in my small town. They make me smile.

        We’ve had too much rain. We are catching the tail-ends of the storms that are flooding our midwest. The river I live across the street from is not flooding our Riverwalk at least twice a month.

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        • I saw some Purple Vinca Majors growing in gardens at my Hospital today – they looked lovely!

          We’re the two ends of the Goldilocks’ Syndrome! 😦


        • Correction: The river IS flooding the Riverwalk at least twice a month. OY. Comment @ 2:00a EDT & random adverbs show up. *facepalm*

          Your hospital? Employee or patient?

          Yeah. So, where is the “just right”?

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        • I thought the word ‘not’was meant to be ‘now” and it was just a typo? 🙂

          My hospital, as in i OWN it… well, i ought to the amount of time i’ve been there/paid for stuff! ( Joke 😉 )

          Patient – Kidney transplant and a bunch of other stuff.

          Just right is ‘somewhere’ betwixt mee and thee! 😉


        • Nope. That was a straight up, wee-hours-of-the-morning adverb appearance. 😄 That’s what I get for texting in the aura of a lava light, yawning.

          My goodness. Health issues are NO fun. Apologies. I hope all is well & your visits are merely check-ups. I’ve had health issues, too (I have a very angry gallbladder that I am trying to soothe) but, kidneys aren’t one of them. The adrenals that sit atop are probably worn out, tho. 😉

          I like the way you think & talk. 😁💕

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        • Was just a check-up – all seems ‘well’ at this point. 🙂

          I sympathise with the Gallbladder – had mine out ages ago after i got a large and very painful stone that tried to get out and got stuck! 😖

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    • THANK YOU CAROL!!! 🙂

      Seems you are the only one who looks at the flowers as i hoped people would – full sized.

      Because i cut and paste the images into a previous post HTML template, i had left the folder for March photo files in this post – of course the photos were taken in April so WP could not ‘find’ the file. All corrected now!

      I usually check before i post but i must have been rushing this one. 😉

      I have taken some beautiful native banksia flower photo’s today so look out for them later this week! 🙂

      Thanks again for the warning. 🙂

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      • Yes, sometimes I just do not have the time to look at your blog. When I do have time, I spend quality time (haha), so that is the reason sometimes you don’t see comments from me. But rest assured, I love your blog!!

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        • I know the feeling!! 😉

          It’s OK – the photos will be waiting for you… If you want a quick way to check, just type ‘FOTD’ in my Search bar, right hand side of my blog and all the flower posts will show on the one page! 😉


      • I noticed the 404 “oops, you just ran into a cyber brick wall” page…my tired ass just forgot to mention it. SORRY.

        At first, I thought it was the WP stupidphone app f****** up again but, no… I got 404 in my face in the browser. 🤓

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    • Thank you Laurie… we definitely do! 🙂

      We are a couple of weeks into our Autumn/Fall but it still feels like Summer – high 80’s here today. Our poor plants are getting confused with flowering seasons starting early but extending late also?

      I caught some beautiful Aus Natives today and hope to put them up this week – I’m sure you’ll love them… do you know what a ‘cotton bud’ is? You might know them better as ‘Q-Tips’?? You’ll be surprised to learn where they come from. 😉


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