12 Questions (and answers)

Judy from Life-lessons has a challenge for us all – and this one could get you $100 for your favourite charity!!! 🙂

I never like to let a lady down so her are my answers to:

Twelve Things I Would Most Like to Know About You 


Who in your opinion is the sexiest man (if you are a woman) or woman (if you are a man) who ever lived?

My definition of ‘sexiest’ changes as i grow older. Currently i’d have to say Australia’s own Eleanor Nancy MacPherson, better known as ‘Elle’.

What favorite food do you rarely eat and why?

Crayfish. Because our crayfish (Small rock lobsters) are caught just off my part of the Coast and are the best in the world! – so we export them overseas to the rich bastards who can afford them and import Canadian ones to buy in the shops!

What would your closest friends be most surprised to find out about you?


Who is the most famous person you ever met and what were the circumstances?

Someone you’ve probably never heard of – Zig Ziglar, a motivational speaker and author popular in the 1970’s, 80’and 90’s. As part of an entrepreneurial course, i attended one of his motivation speaking seminars and got to have an autographed photo of him meeting me (he was so pleased!) 😉

What famous person would you most like to have as a close friend and why?

Elle Macpherson (see #1 above). How could you ever have a bad day with the sexiest woman alive as your friend? Imagine the hugs you’d get when you have something bad happen to you!

What is your biggest regret in life?

Not having Elle Macpherson as my close friend! 😉

What is the strangest pet you ever had?

We had a fantail pigeon ‘adopt’ us for a while after something had ripped it’s tailfeathers off and it could not fly very well.

What is the item of clothing you have owned for the longest period of time?

I have a windcheater from 1982… it does not cheat all that much wind anymore, but i still wear and love it. It was a prize in an FM radio contest.

What object in your house holds the most nostalgic value for you?

The only thing i still own from my early childhood – a book ‘How to Play Chess’ given to me by my Aunt (since deceased) who first taught me to play when i was 5.

What question do you wish you had asked a deceased relative but didn’t?

“Don’t you think we should slow down a little? These cliffs look awfully high!” (Joke!) 😉

Who in the world (relative or not) do you most resemble? 

If there is anyone in this world even remotely resembling me i have yet to meet them! I’m one-of-a-kind.

What is your favorite footwear and why?

A pair of burgundy slip-ons. Super light and comfy and i can wear them with just about anything.



  1. Thanks for your answers and your usual humor, which got you off this time, but next time I’m gonna be on to you. Elle McPherson is a beautiful woman and looks like she’d get your jokes. Good choice.. but she shouldn’t have gotten you out of three answers!! And I do know who Zig Ziglar is. What did he motivate you to do????

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    • Zig was a ‘super-salesman’ – I found out i was not! I was trying to be in the motivational sales ‘game’, turned out it was not for me.

      As The Man said: People say Motivation doesn’t last; Neither does bathing so we need it applied daily.

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    • Thank you for this! ❤

      The internet has changed the nature of 'friendship'. I have many 'virtual' friends i know i can call on and who will be there with advice and encouragement or support if/when it is needed.

      I was answering regards the 'old' version of friendship of course, someone you could go to the movies or an event with; someone who's house you visit or they visit yours, someone who could take you to the hospital if you couldn't drive or visit you in hospital if you had to stay more than overnight. Someone who might help you move house or fix a leaking roof, or someone you could just laugh and fool around with doing something fun and slightly crazy.

      Or maybe one you were married to or going 'steady' with.

      It's been a while now.


  2. That just isn’t fair about the crayfish. You’re being robbed. And, I’m pretty sure you feel robbed over Elle. LOL! I didn’t realize she was a couple of years older than I am and has 2 1/2 inches on me. She is a pretty lady.

    I’ve heard of Zig Ziglar. Big name in Texas. I lived there for nearly a decade.

    Surely you have some close-by friends. You don’t consider your wife your ‘friend’?

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    • My jokes in the Daily Funny might have mislead you a little. The missus and i divorced 34 years ago, she moved to the other side of the continent and we have not kept in touch.

      My last close friend moved to Europe (his home country) last year. I have neighbours i know by their first names and apart from that i guess i should call my Mum my ‘friend’ – but she’s always been just ‘Mum’. 😉

      The crayfish is just ‘business/economics’ There is a limited catch size (to ensure ‘sustainability’ and a big enough demand overseas that the locals are all but priced out of the market, what is sold here is sold to the best restaurants at ridiculous prices meaning unless you catch them yourself (recreational fishing is allowed, under strict rules and conditions) we locals get nada.

      Frustrating, but money rules the world these days. 😦


      • Oh, MY. WHOOPS. That is what I get for ‘assuming’ things. Yikes. SORRY. 😳😖

        See. That is just wrong. Locals should have first dibs. They’re YOUR crayfish. I’m not saying don’t share but, wow. But, companies do biz to get rich. 🙄

        I don’t know your real name, LW but, if you weren’t on the other side of the planet, we’d be friends. I’m SURE of it. 😁

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        • The name’s Bob (preferred form of Robert) – and you’re probably right! 🙂

          Our state government recently tried to introduce a policy on the Crayfish Industry to ensure we got 15% of an increased catch limit for local consumption (well, under state control which they said would ensure we got a guaranteed proportion).

          That was howled down by the industry reps and fishermen claiming it would ‘ruin’ them, despite the fact they would still be selling their catches overseas at exorbitant prices and could now catch more than before, but would have to reserve 15% for local sales.

          The government caved in to the pressure and it’s status quo… still no crays for Bob! 😦


    • I was promoting a private library membership of small business and self-help/motivational material (books, cassette tapes (Yikes! anyone remember them??) and videos/courses), but it was being done as a kind of pyramid marketing scheme. It did not last long! 😦

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