A Heartfelt “Thank You.”

‘Heart’ – a Cyclamen leaf.

I’d just like to express my thanks to Bereavedandbeingasingleparent,  Crushed Caramel and A Jeanne in the Kitchen for their combined efforts getting (the First!) Great Blogger’s Bake-Off up and organised on Sunday just gone.

You did a great job guys and girls and i had a lot of fun and learned some new skills besides, as i’m sure did many of the contestants.

Take a Bow! You deserve it. 🙂




  1. Thank you so much Bob – it was so so much fun!! I am delighted Gary came up with the idea – and working with him and Jeanne has been so wonderful!

    Thank you for all of your support and your fabulous cake creation!

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  2. You remind me of my friend Mark Sass, He visits me once in awhile, His Son Brett won the Yukon Quest dog-sled race, and lives up^ North of Fairbanks, Alaska. I am also a fan of Caitlyn Johnstone, also an Aussie! PS; I burned up that evil book, the bible, written by old men trying to control this world, so much murder, so much mayhem inside….Look how evil men corrupted Jesus, and turned Him from a Loving Man into hanging on a Cross, nails through His hands and feet,yet He still cried out;” Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do”~~~~~


    • I am glad i remind you of a friend!

      I would see things a little differently to you.

      The Bible is not an evil book, it is a collection of stories, songs, facts and parables written by simple men like you and I. It is also something much, much more than this – it is seen differently as you grow in understanding. What you understand the first time you read it is not what you read the next time, or the next…

      Most of us never even manage to read it all through even once however. 😦

      The priests like to think they know it best and read it to you in church, with their own ‘spin’ on it, and keep you in the dark so you always need their ‘help’.

      There is much on Earth that is evil which written about within the many books it contains but this evil does not make the Bible, and it’s real meaning, evil. It tries to make it clear that doing evil will have consequences.

      The evil lies within the human mind.

      Humans, particularly those who do not believe there is any ‘higher power’, ‘love’ to do evil to one another, they compete for the position of power; we desire to have power over others. (It starts when we are young resenting the power of adults over us, and many of us do not grow out of this!)

      This external reality is a reflection of our own inner reality where our mind and ‘heart’ compete for power and control over our life.

      The love of Power, versus the power of Love. 😉

      As I currently understand it no man could corrupt Jesus (He could resist Satan who is the Master of deception and corruption) Jesus knew He had a very important job to do while he lived here and knew what ‘the end’ would be for Him in advance.

      He went willingly to the cross and did not seek to save his own life, although he had many ways and chances to do so.

      He nearly lost His Faith at the last moments, but He did what he was sent to do, no corruption was in Him.

      There is no better example of a human being than Jesus and without the Bible there would be no record of Him and His life/behaviour.

      But that is just this man’s opinion and understanding – at this point in time.

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      • Brother, that was a well thought out piece of work. I, personally Love the idea of Jesus, I first read the bible in the “HOLE” in Prison, it was partially eaten by Rats, but I made my way through it, the guards thought it was funny, when they came by with their “One Meal” a day. I just did push-up^s and sit-up^s and allowed the time to go by. I am a Free man now, so we can speak to each other as equals. I like your way of thinking, it caused me to rethink things, to look at life another way. Every time I entered a Church, I found that good man hanging on a cross inside, I said “Free Him From That Cross, and set Him free” Hey! You have a little circle of friends who think the way you think, and all the rest are Wop’s or Nigger’s or Chink’s…..Hey! Hey! Hey! There is a stranger pounding on your door, he has blood on His hands and Feet, but you will not let Him in, because He don’t think the way YOU think!

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        • I admit – it’s not the first time i have tried to help someone see the Bible a little differently.

          My blog’s name is partially to do with helping believers and non-believers seeing that they are not really all that different in what each believes. The difference is more a matter of where you stand when you look at what you are looking at.

          We each see a small part of the whole ‘thing’ thinking that what we see is not connected in any way to what ‘they’ see.

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      • I am curious, How do you know this? Were You there when it all happened, or is it more of a faith thing? My faith lies in my gifting more that I receive, it is a horrendous battle, because the more I gift, the more I receive! I cannot even begin to count the Blessings I have received, it would take like for-ever. I have this wonderful Guardian Angel, standing over me, looking out for me, People insist on paying my bills in the store’s and shops I go into. I am more inclined to believe in Magic, than faith in an old bible. Jesus was a cool dude, but they still pounded nails into his hands and feet, and they are still hanging there today. Look inside any so-called Church And there is Jesus hanging on a cross. Is this the example we set for our Children?


        • It is a matter of personal belief based upon all i have read, heard, seen and done. (With maybe just a little faith thrown in).

          I also try to apply something few ever master – logic. What is the likely reason something happens or was said/quoted?

          I only started reading the Bible in my 30’s out of curiosity as to why the words of a few Jews have stayed true to the original author’s words for over 2000 years and have a following of billions of humans.

          Prior to that i was a ‘science has all the answers’ kind of guy. Now i hold ‘wider’ views, i see a bigger picture than i could previously.

          As for church – I don’t go.

          Churches are run by men and even those with basically good intentions are capable of deceit and of being deceived.

          Like i said, evil is in the mind of men.

          Jesus never built a ‘house’ in which to preach His parables – His body was His temple.

          The Bible tells priests not to stand or be seen as higher than their congregation – so why do the preach from a pulpit?

          It says not to build an alter out of hewn stone or wood – but what church have you been in that follows the Bible?

          It says not to make a graven image of anything on Earth or in Heaven, nor are we to bow down before them, and yet we have Christ on a cross where we kneel to it??

          I could go on.

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        • Very nearly – His last words were ” It is Finished’.

          His Father sent Him to Earth to do a Job – this was completed upon His crucifixion when his blood was split and His (human) life sacrificed.

          His Spirit (the greater part of all of us) Lived on.

          Or so the stories tell it.

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        • If Jesus was to re-appear here on Earth today, what would happen to Him? The rich would have to plot a way to kill Him all over again, because when He spoke to the Rich men, he told them to give it all Up^ and store their treasures in Heaven, with the Father of us all. I do not think He made compromises Oh! You can keep some of that fortune stashed away. He said give it all away to have it all, so that is what I am working on right now, and it works like Magic brother!

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        • He said He would come back one day.

          But He also said that in that day He would come back in Power and Glory and no-one would be in doubt.

          He had to Die the first time as a Sacrifice for Sin – to bear the sins of those who would follow him so that they might be able to enter Heaven fully cleansed of all human sin.

          He’s done that once, there won’t be a need to do that when He comes back.

          If we don’t decide who’s ‘side’ we are on before he comes back, how we intend to live – either preferring the power of our flesh body has on this Earth or that of of our spiritual body in eternal Heaven (Above or Below – choose one!), having been told fully of the consequences of each for our life, then
          So Be It.

          You are quite right – He does not Compromise, that is a human flesh trait.

          You are giving me good things to think upon Old Man! 🙂

          (All of the above was as much for my benefit as for yours).


        • Next time I’m at the library (within a month) i will read, and look for you.

          I’m hoping you look like the gravatar image next to your posts!!


  3. Hey! Brother, I love this discourse, this is what I have been seeking, like for-ever, just some-one who will talk and chat with me…..I Love the Ideas of Jesus, I just think they got lost along the way of GREED and the LUST for POWER, which is destroying this present World. Leaving NO_THING for our children to have and enjoy. How can we allow the Black and the Brown People to drown in the Mediterranean Sea, like bottles with messages inside cast adrift? I do not understand this was not Jesus Message left behind. All men are equals, and so I treat all men as equals. And so I have a Magicians Birth-day. My fire burns bright, brother!

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    • I think the ideas of Jesus are the ones all people should use, if we are to live in peaceful co-existence.

      While so many people all have so many different ideas about how the best way to live a life is however, there will be many disagreements and many who do not agree with the likes of you and me. This makes it harder to follow closely the path Jesus made and said we were to follow.

      A big part of the problem is that for many there is only the ‘material’ life – the idea of us having a spirit which has it’s own body and lives beyond that of our physical one is not something that is easily believed by all, or even by many. Those that do find it difficult to live with those who do not because their end goal is a different one to that of the other.

      We do not work towards the same thing and often we are working in opposing directions and the greed and lust you mention belongs in the physical world we all have to share while living within our physical body.

      Live in the Spirit as much as you can Brother.


    • A special kind of magic!

      Some call it science.

      The great science fiction author Arthur C. Clarke once said that any sufficiently advanced technology would appear as magic to a less advanced society!

      You would have won your bet! Although i was born in England some 60 years ago i have lived in Perth, Western Australia for all my adult life. My parents made the right choice to migrate, i believe.


    • As you know – there is quite the time difference between us, and i have a few other things to do besides sit and chat – not much – but some!

      Patience will be rewarded Brother.

      But now you’ve told me the Magic Words…

      i have them if i ever need them 😉 🙂

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      • Did I guess right? You live in the down under, and I live in the up top? Is it getting Hot there? I just want to find friends that will check in with me once in awhile, we do not have to live together. This is all we have, it is all right now, I do not need a $10,000 dollar watch, as advertised in the Economist “1843” edition. It is always just NOW. I pay attention to every breath I take, each one is a gift of the Earth for the people of the Earth…..

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        • You got it quite right.

          It was always hot here, the real problem is it is becoming much drier, the rainfall is failing as the warmer Earth moves our rain carrying winds further South.

          We have lost 1/5th of our annual rainfall over the past 40 years, last month was the warmest September for 42 years and this month is looking to be the 5th driest October on record.

          This affects all life in my country, plants animals, humans, killing many things due to loss of their normal habitat; man and his increasing population and need (greed) is the main cause.

          Time is a way to keep us under control, i stopped wearing a watch a long time ago.

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  4. Hey Brother, thank you for RSVP’ing me. I would fly down there to visit and meet you, but many years ago I vowed to never climb aboard another airplane, after they treated this old Vietnam Vet. Like a fucking criminal before I could get on that air-plane, searched, patted down, shoes off. I do not need that treatment. So I just stay home now, but I can still walk, and I will put on my walking shoes, and walk a thousand miles. I hitch-hiked for two years all across America and never had to wait more than five minutes for a ride. I met so many wonderful people. I could go outside at midnight tonight and a ride would be there for me. That is how FAITH works for me, I just keep it inside, I do not waste it. If you should read “The River Why” let me know what you thought of it, You will meet Garden Angels in there…..

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    • Faith in Action (working) is never wasted, but i get that you mean you do not abuse it and only get from it what it brings to you.

      Sometimes i think meeting a Guardian Angel would be nice.

      Other times i think they meet me more than i meet them.

      I have had my share of good fortune, my life has been blessed more than i really deserve.


  5. Good for You, on that watch, I gave them up like forty years ago, I was out on a date with this beautiful woman, and I kept looking at that watch, like I had to be someplace else. Trashed! Either a man deserves good fortune or he does not, it is there or it is imaginary? To stow away billions of $ is imaginary, to stow one’s fortune in Heaven is real.!

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    • We all get to choose which treasure we want to have and whether or not we believe in our spirit lasting longer than our body and the money or gold it can hang onto for but a little while.

      I have often sought to acquire more money than i had at the time but i have never made making money my real goal in life – there is definitely something greater than that to live your life for is my belief.


  6. Brother, it is so sad to just be able to watch that Greed Machine destroying our only Paradise. I wish I could find a way to send it back to the cold, dark place it arose from. It is to me a deadly, infectious disease with no known cure. When I used to mow my two + acres I would have to spray myself down with “Deet” because the bugs would rise up^ in clouds to attack me. Now I do not even need to have it. I got like one mosquito bite all summer. And along with the mosquito’s went my beautiful Swallows, which I so love to watch their wonderful flights, to watch the tiny babies feather-out and learn to fly. I could watch them for hours, and now I have not seen one in five-ten years. What a lone-some world we are making here. Millions of years of Mother Nature’s hard work, gone in an instant!. Now the greed machine is after the “Road-less” section of our Tongas National Forest, they will not be satisfied until every last tree is chopped down and sent to China, or Taiwan. On the brighter side, I was driving up^ our road the other day and had to stop and allow this fully horned Bull Moose to cross the road in front of me. Funny story: One night some years ago, when I still had my beloved dogs, they were barking up a storm, and stupid me went out and forgot my flash light, and went down the road, and came up on this Giant creature standing there, and I thought, Oh! Shit, it is a brown bear, and I am a dead man, but it was just a big old Bull Moose, and it just ignored me……Good Day, My Friend!

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    • You still have some awesome Nature and creatures in ‘The Last Frontier’ of Alaska, you are more fortunate than many of your countrymen, but all that is indeed in danger when you have the likes of your president and his billionaire friends in charge.

      WE ned to gather people power together if we are to slow the ‘progress’ down.

      But Ultimately they will not win – time is on the side of Earth and Nature – and they will have their revenge and the last laugh will be on them, and also on us if we fail to stop them.

      As for your swallows, we still have a few living in the Big City (i’m in the inner suburbs) – they have swapped cliff side hollows for concrete building eaves to make their nests. I have the luxury of a birdbath outside my window and watch as seven or eight different species of birds queue up for a dip or a drink.

      I keep my camera handy and have made several recordings and have posted many pictures of my feathered friends as they bathe.

      If you like you could enter the word honeyeater in my search bar over on the right (blue bit) of any blog page to find them.


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