Gibbous Moon – Land Of Light And Shadow!

I just love taking these shots with my Nikon zoom. 🙂 ❤ 🙂

(Click on pic to open in a new window where you can expand the image for full detail!)
lovewillbringustogether - Gibbous Moon 15th March 2019

Taken 15 March 2019 6:50 pm with zoom f/l = 1440mm, for a 35mm equivalent lens.

F6.5; ISO 200; exp 1/250th sec.




    • As a matter of fact i got my first telescope aged 8 and i’ve had at least one ever since.

      I had a camera attachment once but couldn’t get the focussing right (you had to take the lens off the camera and the focal lens out of the scope!?)

      I can get the same or better magnification with my Nikon as i could with a high powered lens on the refracting telescope!

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      • Always wanted a telescope as a kid. My dad managed to get me an old pair of small Russian binoculars which was great. Used my first pay cheque to buy a 3.5 inch refractor. Still using today. It’s very battered and the optics are buggered. Like you never managed to get a photo from it. One day will buy a better telescope and a dslr have have another go.

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        • Not a tele-photography expert but i think a larger reflector might be the go? You get a bigger ‘lens’ for your money and that will get more light in for the camera so you can take faster exposures at high res.
          As you say…. one day…. 🙂

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    • Thank You! 🙂

      The man in the moon was what my Mum and Dad always used to tell me when i was growing up and we saw a full moon peeking from behind cloud ( usual for England!) I became interested in astronomy from a very early age but never outgrew the memory of looking for ‘him’.

      I can’t see his face though from the Down Under perspective! But when i get images like these i don’t mind all that much. 🙂

      Hope your week is wonderful! 🙂


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