Daily Funny – Day #61

Stair lift

My Mother agreed to have a stair lift chair installed on account of her advancing years and arthritic knee and hip. Knowing her dislike of ‘modern’ technology i asked her how it was going a couple of weeks after she got it.

Expecting her usual negativity for anything unfamiliar i was prepared for her reply:

“It’s driving me up the darn wall!”




  1. I got a stair lift for my mother, but she certainly was not as young as the gal in the ad!! She really resisted it, but she was 91 and had broken her hip. I understand how hard it is to admit you need something like that.

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    • If i lived in a house with stairs i think i’d love one of those! Even if I didn’t have knee or hip problems. 🙂 No tripping or slipping – how cool would that be?


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