Daily Funny – Day #59

Cop Car
I was driving on the freeway the other day when i saw a police car’s flashing lights behind in my rear view mirror. I pulled over and the police car pulled in behind me and an officer got out and walked up to my window.

Then i saw that he was wearing a pilot’s uniform with a peaked captain’s cap and gold braid on his jacket sleeves, which I thought was very odd.

Then I realised – he was one of those plane clothes cops. 🙂

Note: I’m definitely NOT going to tell the one about the cop on a motorbike who rides along the side of the guy’s car then points and says PULL OVER!!, to which the guy in the car grabs hold of his top and says: “No! – Cardigan, but thanks for noticing!”

For which i am positive you will all thank me! 😉



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