Daily Funny – Day #57

It’s 2 for 1 Tuesday!!

‘I’m sorry’ and ‘I apologise’ mean exactly the same thing…

… Except at a funeral!


Birds of a feather stick together…

… They’re called Velcrows!



Ok so, technically, that’s 3 for 1 Tuesday – mebbe i shoulda posted it on Thursday??



    • I have no idea who gets to decide what name is given to a group of something or how they choose it so it sticks and other people start to use it??

      ‘Collective nouns’ is the term for the words we use to describe a particular grouping of things such as animals or people or just ‘stuff’ that is of the same kind.

      Did you know a group of kittens is referred to as an intrigue? Or a group of ladybugs is called a loveliness !!

      I think i’m going to have to write a post on these now! 🙂


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