Daily Funny – Day #40

It was the Grand Opening of the latest super swank nightclub in the Soho area of London. The queue to get to be amongst the first inside was truly international.

There was an Englishman, an Irishman, a Scotsman and a Welshman. A Frenchman, a Spaniard, an Italian and a German. An Austrian, A Swiss, a Czech and a Serb. There was also a Russian, a Pole, a Slovakian and a Hungarian. A Greek, a Romanian, a Bulgarian and a Lithuanian. A Lebanese, a Turk, an Israeli and a Jordanian. A Saudi prince, a U.A.E. Emir, a Qatari and a Yemeni. An Afghani and a Pakistani, an Indian and a Sri Lankan. An Egyptian, a Moroccan, an Algerian and a Tunisian. A Ugandan and a Nigerian, as well as a Kenyan and Botswanan. A South African and an Angolan and a Zimbabwean and a man from Mozambique. A Kazak and an Uzbek, a Mongolian and a Chinese. A Korean from the South and a Japanese, a Vietnamese and a Laotian. A Malaysian, an Indonesian, a Filipino and a man from Singapore. Alongside them were an Australian, a Kiwi from New Zealand, a Papua New Guinean and a Micronesian from the Pacific. An Argentinian, a Chilean, a Uruguayan and a Brazilian. A man from Equador and another from Bolivia, a Colombian and a Venezuelan. A Panamanian, a Nicaraguan, a Costa Rican and a Cuban. A Hawaian and an American with a Mexican and a Canadian.

The Bouncer looks all down the long line, holds up his hands and says: ” I’m sorry gentlemen, but i can’t let you in without a Thai!”




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