Philosophical Thought for the Day – 6 February 2019

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Welcome to PTFTD, a (semi-)regular feature on my blog. Each (ideally daily) post I will raise a topic for consideration that may hopefully give you pause for some serious, or not-so-serious contemplation throughout your day/night/week/life.

It’s as much for my personal benefit as anyone else’s who may find it of interest, as we all try to figure out just what life is all about and what on Earth we are all doing here or to each other?

Today’s Thought:

Globalism potentially has some benefits for all but it has so far largely been successful for the few over the many. Countries citizens which have previously been seen as ‘the winners’ will mostly be the ones who become ‘the losers’ once our globalisation goes as far as it can and uniformity and conformity are established on a world wide basis.

Globalisation: – simply the logical end result of capitalist corporations seeking the largest possible share of the largest possible market from which to draw the greatest possible profits out of the pockets of those who then become enslaved to them.

Our world has effectively ‘shrunk’ from the time of the middle ages and the Enlightenment (which produced the rise of science and technology, both of which have allowed for great advances for many individuals as well as enormous power to a select few). At the same time the world’s population has massively increased, although somehow their individual average wealth seems to have shrunk in comparison to global production, income and wealth??

I suspect that a lot of the current disaffection with ‘Globalism’, and the associated rise in ‘Nationalism’, has more to do with the ever-increasing rate of technological and social changes (migration, eg) which produce unfamiliar surroundings to people who want to remain in a place they can remember and recognise as their Home – ‘the good old days’ and ‘the Way Things Used To Be’ – moreso than the ravages of multi-national corporations.

Technology has started a stone rolling down an increasingly steep hill, gathering us all up along with it as it grows still bigger and faster. It now has massive momentum and will take something of a catastrophic nature to slow it down. Unless by some miracle mankind develops the will to unite and co-ordinate their efforts in favour of everyone, and not just themselves and those like them (and against the extemely powerful, by reason of the money they possess, men behind the global expansion of economic multi-entities).

The last comment i would add is that the mass media is largely controlled by a few powerful owners in the West, and by the governments in China, and to a lesser degree Russia. The rich elite and the Media Moguls operate in cohort to determine Government policy through the donation of large sums of money needed by politicians to campaign for their seats and backroom deals done with the invisible party men who determine what policies are given the most attention. (Perhaps nowhere more obvious than in my home country of Australia?)

It is through this practice that multi-culturalism and globalism continue to grow despite a recent trend (through better social media communications) of a growing backlash by individuals acting in concert to try to get a fairer share of economic and social justice. (Or to prevent further ‘progress’ 😉 )



I need to think on this for a while (longer) 🙂

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Fighting Back Against The Corporate Giants.




  1. Maybe I don’t understand globalism, but I thought globalism is a GOOD thing. A way for nations to cooperate and work together. I do agree with the need to fight against the corporate giants, but I think one way to do that is for countries to band together like the EU, for example. Our (the US) current involvement with nationalism has devolved into tribalism. People have an us vs. them mentality, which is not good!

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    • Like everything in our human life a thing is capable of having both good and bad aspects, Globalism is no exception. If humans can be trusted to do the right thing it could benefit large numbers of us by raising their standard of living/form of governments/education, etc. But it also allows those with power to gain more of it at other’s expense (ie. those largely unfamiliar with how the system works and what drives it and where the profits are and who gets the most profit). it’s not the agricultural chinese population or the sub-saharan countries who are driving the growth of globalism and you can bet they will possibly get a benefit but nowhere near that which large corporations will or the governments who are helping the corporations get what they want.

      Your assessment of the current US tribalism i fully agree with and am starting to see some similarities here – our Psuedo PM recently virtually copied word for word Trump’s murders and rapists speech concerning legitimate refugees who have been assessed by our country as deserving of refuge status but who under their policy are denied entry to our country and are being kept in offshore detention centres equivalent to Guantanamo! The lowest of our politicians are spouting similar trump rhetoric searching for those who feel disadvantaged by the last 30 years or more of ‘globalism’ and what it has done to their industries where work has largely gone off’shore’ because companies no longer want to pay workers the salaries they fought long and hard for in order to earn a decent living for themselves in countries where the populations used to be largely homogenious.

      As i said… good and bad. I want to raise the average person’s awareness of those who are taking advantage of us and the ‘system’. to help restore a little more ‘equality’ to the people from the corporate greed and control.


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