A Welcome Return (of Cacatua pastinator)

It seems my two fine feathered friends (a pair of beautiful white Western Corellas) rather enjoyed their dining experience of last week and decided to repeat their repast on my book-leaved conifer, which i happily snapped for posterity. 🙂

Most of the birds i capture in my garden are in and out, whether it be for a feed, a drink or a bath in under 5 minutes, but these guys (or guy and his girl rather) are in no such hurry and nibbled on the conifer’s seeds non-stop for 30-40 minutes! How they have the strength to fly off after stuffing themselves silly is anyone’s guess? 🙂

This was only their evening meal, as the sun was getting quite low in the sky, and i assume they had been spending much of the rest of the day eating also!

(Click on pics to open in a new window and again to expand for detail)lovewillbringustogether - Western Corella51

lovewillbringustogether - Western Corella52

lovewillbringustogether - Western Corella54

lovewillbringustogether - Western Corella53

As you can clearly see, the male corellas have a crest they can raise when alarmed or when attracting a mate.



    • They bring me a sense of peace and of Joy! They let me walk within 10 feet of them with no more thna a glance while they feed! 🙂

      They are around 18-20 inches long with a 3 foot wingspan!

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    • Indeed! I have a feeling they make great pets as they are quite affectionate, very intelligent and live a long time. It would be a great shame though to keep one in a cage and not let it have the chance to fly as nature intends for them to do. I think if they become regulars i might try to become better acquainted with them – i’ll have to find what kind of seed they like – beside the conifers which are remarkably small once you prise the outer shell off. 🙂 ( ‘S probably why the eat so MANY in a sitting! )

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