FOTD – January 31 – Rhapsody in Blue – Carnations

A beautiful bouquet of carnations in 5 different shades (natural white, yellow, pink, lilac and blue) for $8 while shopping was too good an offer to resist – i was too busy enjoying them to take a photo until today however, when only the blue ones are still at their best.

I still have difficulty figuring out how this colour is achieved. I assume they are dyed but the buds which are still tightly closed have blue-tinged ends to their petals and the open petals are not all an even shade, looking like they grew that way naturally??

However it is done, they are quite simply, exquisite. 🙂

(Click on a pic to open in a new window and click again to see enlarged detail!) 🙂lovewillbringustogether - Blue Carnation1

lovewillbringustogether - Blue Carnation2

link to:

Cee’s Flower of the Day – February 4, 2019 – Tulip Bud





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