Daily Funny – Day #31

If life keeps handing you melons…


There is a fair chance you might be Dyslexic!


But then again…

orange melons

“Oranges and melons, said the bells of St Clemens!” (Old English nursery rhyme slightly modified to fit modern times).

And you may have guessed it but there are also ‘Lemondrop’ melons, so named because, well, they taste like Lemondrops… kinda! 🙂




    • Ummm.. i hope they were bred from selective breeding processes, but there might have been some genetic engineering involved, as there often is these days!? 😦


      • Makes me wonder. Bill Nye once chatted with a panelist group about it. One of the guests said some countries only want to consider genetically modifying crops that people don’t ingest such as cotton. Made me think.💡

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        • I believe there will always be risks when we try to ‘improve’ upon what Nature has taken millions of years to produce. We can do much to reduce them but mistakes can and will be made because we are less than perfect ourselves.

          What’s the worst that could happen?? (Maybe best not to think too much about that!?) 😉


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