A Challenge…

Up for a challenge?

Here’s a little song i found yesterday while listening to You-Tube music on the PC.

The challenge is to read the song lyrics below then listen to the vocals while watching the video of Linda sing (from personal experience) and not let a tear stream down your cheek.

Let me know how you go?


Dear God, I’m writing this letter to you
Cause’ I’m coming unglued
Can you help me?

I’m sitting here
Simply trying to figure out
What my life’s all about
Can you show me?

I never wanted to be
The person you see
Can you tell me who I am?
I always wanted to die
But you kept me here alive
Is there more to who I am?

I lie awake
Conducting this symphony
That you have gifted to me
But I can’t ever sleep.

Don’t be mad
But I get weak inside
And I start to fall apart
Cause I feel nothing.

I never wanted to be
The comic relief
Can you show me who I am
I’ve been tortured and scorned
Since the day that I was born
Can you tell me who I am?

I never wanted to be
This person you see
But thank you.

Oh, God please tell me now
Are you disappointed? Are you proud?
Haven’t I done everything, everything?

I’m so sorry I’m so weak
And I’ve turned into a freak
But I don’t know anything, anything.

I’ve lost all self-esteem
By burying everything
Still I feel nothing, nothing.

Oh God please tell me now
Please tell me now
Cause I feel nothing.

Released 2010.
Label CherryForever
Mercury/Island Def Jam
(Universal Music Group)



Being a white, straight, male baby boomer who grew up in a small and loving family in suburban English-speaking western societies i have remained largely blissfully ignorant of how it must feel like to be, or to feel, ‘different’ somehow.  Like you just don’t ever ‘fit’.

That’s changing as more and more examples of the suffering some people go through filters into my world view.

Maybe we can all do more to reduce the level of difference those people on the outskirts of the ‘mainstream’ endure within our human society and our One World?




  1. Well, that was amazing. She is a supremely talented person, and her pain is clearly portrayed through her art. I failed the challenge miserably because she unleashed a flood of understanding and compassion and empathy. God bless her and all who have the courage to express their pain and share their creative outlet with others.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for viewing, and your compassionate comment. 🙂

      Sometimes in life we are meant to fail a challenge in order to win something far greater!

      Well Done Winner! 😉

      (Really) Warm Wishes.


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