S’Up Y’All?

Live cover of  The 4 Non Blondes song, ‘What’s Up?’ by Pink.

Music is a powerful tool that can bring people together like almost nothing else can. The emotional strength and power generated in this audience chills my spine and could light up a moderately large regional city.

(Warning: there is an F-bomb dropped at 0:14 please skip to 0:20  if this may offend) 🙂


The original (and the best) version! (Doc Martens, Heart covered silk boxers, Dressing Frock, Dreadlocks, Motor Cycle Goggles and an over-sized leather Top Hat? What’s Goin’ On?? Linda Perry is a sadly under-rated music talent… her fashion sense is something else entirely!) 🙂

Who says there was no good music from the Nineties??




  1. I loved 4 Non Blondes in my teens! So much so that my brother, on one of his overseas jaunts, brought me back a music book with a few of their songs in. This particular song was the first one I learned to play on the piano from the book. It just didn’t sound the same though 😛

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