One Head Is Not Better Than Two!

I caught this somewhat unusual looking bird at my birdbath recently! 😉

wattle i doQ: What has one head, two wings and four legs???

A: A pair of Australian Red Wattlebirds.

wattle i do2Separated, and showing the reddish wattle below the eyes.

The Red Wattlebird (Anthochaera carunculata) is one of the largest of the honeyeaters growing to up to 37cm (15 inch) in length. This pair (the female is on the left) have both enjoyed a quick bath together and are looking more bedraggled than when in their usually neat plumage. The birds are named for the pinky-red wattles hanging from each cheek.

wattle i do3A slightly more photogenic version (already having been in for a quick dip). 🙂




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