Daily Funny – Day #6

So Oxygen went out on a date with Potassium… it went OK.
I thought Oxygen was dating Magnesium? OMg!
Actually Oxygen asked Nitrogen out first but Nitrogen was all like NO!
I thought Oxygen had that double bond with the Hydrogen twins??
Oxygen’s looking like a bit of a HO?
You think so, Sodium?
NaBrO !






  1. Bwhaha! I thought of elements having a fascinating life story as they collide with each other creating wonderful or turbulent chemical reactions! I can imagine this as a soap opera! Days of Our Elemental Lives. 😀

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    • A Soap Opera – Oxygen in a menage a trois with Sodium and Hydrogen, NaOH! you could be on to something! 😉 Pure platinum could be the catalyst that sparks of a series of unforeseen chain reactions between the Ionic protagonists. There might be covert covalent bonds established or isotopes in isolation, lost and looking for love? 🙂

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      • 😀 HAHA. A love triangle will keep the producers happy. Though molecular structures can be more hexagonal like honey combs! Does the death knell toll for the love of these bonds? A Romeo and Juliet on an atomic scale? Or…Will their love be as alive as William Shakespeare wrote, “My bounty is as boundless as the sea, My love as deep; the more I give to thee,The more I have, for both are infinite.” 😉

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        • A beautiful quote and particlelarly (see what i did there?) 🙂 appropriate for atoms.. have you ever thought that inside our bodies are individual atoms that were probably the first matter ever to come into existence after the Big Bang and which will continue on into virtual infinite time after we are long since reassembled into our base molecules and atoms?

          In a similar vein, every breath we take draws into our lungs some of the self same oxygen atoms that Cicero, Shakespeare, Newton or Hitler have breathed out at one time?

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    • I hoped a Chemistry teacher would appreciate it! 🙂

      Theresaly530’s comments have got my mind working… i’m thinking about a piece on relationships using chemical terms!

      LaUGHing all the way! (Pity there is only Ga, Gd and Ge so far! I guess we could always add some Physics and use ‘g’ravity to counter-act the levity?) 😉

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