Seasons Greetings From Australia!

I’d like to wish all the people who visit my blog, be they one-timer’s or my older or newly acquainted regulars, the very Happiest and most Joyous Holidays (if you get them), however you may celebrate them, around this time of the longest/shortest day of the year – a time for letting the old pass by and to make way for the new to come in.

And especially for those who believe, a time to recall the meaning and symbolism of Christ The Redeemer who gave His Life as a sacrifice for the taking away of human sin, through belief in Him and the One who sent Him.

We tend to celebrate Christmas a bit differently down here to most… 🙂


💙  🙂 Stay Safe! Be Happy! Give Love! 🙂 💙
Ho! Ho! Ho!

LATE EDIT!! Just been listening to TV news while finishing up my blogging before Christmas day… There was a report of a 2 metre tiger snake (very poisonous!!) being found wrapped around a family’s Christmas tree INSIDE their house! NOT the kind of present you want to find on Christmas.

Would certainly make for a very interesting last line of the 12 Days of Christmas! 😉



  1. Cold and snow for Christmas is overrated, growing on the tropics, prefer warmer,weather, yesterday we had a lovely day, today rain, fortunately not too cold.

    Best wishes. 🙂

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    • Thank you so much! 🙂

      It will no doubt have a few challenges for all of us, but knowing this we can all prepare ourselves with an attitude that allows us to see the best in every situation and live our life positively, with joy and Love. (or whatever feelings may be appropriate!) 😉

      Blessings! 🙂


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