Flower of the Day – December 14 – Poppies, Alpha and Omega (and a little Nu)

Of all the flowers in my garden i think my poppies are my favorite. In Spring after the Winter rains and the first warm days begin, they put on such a dazzling display of brilliant colour that changes ever day (albeit mostly in Red, which, to be fair, was the original colour i started with!).

Anyone who has followed my blog over the last 3 years or more will have come to realise that the poppies have expanded their repertoire and now come in Red, oranges, peaches, pinks, whites and with contrasting black, brown and white crosses inside. This year i even saw the first shades of purple.

My poppies have surprised me every year with something ‘new’. This year (yesterday in fact) i received the latest surprise. I posted my first poppy of the year pick taken back on August 21 (it was a late Winter this year!). They reached their peak by the end of September and by early November there was nothing left but the odd dried stalk lying on the ground – they’d done their dash.


(Click on the pics to open in a new window and click again to see full size detail) 🙂First Poppy For The Year The first of this season’s Poppies.

DSCN1864aA ‘Nu’ view of the last of the Poppies this year… or so i thought! 🙂

lovewillbringustogether - Last Poppy212 weeks after the first flower opened the last(?) poppy of the season opened, a month or so after all the rest had died.
The photo is not the best as there was quite a bit of wind when i took it.

link to:

Cee’s Flower of the Day – December 14, 2018 – Dahlias

love. ❤


  1. Your poppy photographs are glorious…I especially love the look of the petals against the blue of the sky. I’m fortunate to live near Longwood Gardens, an hour away in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania. In March they display dozens of blue poppies. It’s quite a sight. Poppies of all kinds amaze me, the fragility of the petals and the strength of the pods they create. I also love the fact that they produce hundreds of seeds within those amazing pods. Great photos.

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    • Thank you! 🙂

      I’d Love to see the blue poppies that truly would be glorious. 🙂

      I collect some of the seeds each year but i get more flowers growing from the naturally sown ones each time that i often forget to plant them and end up giving them away to friends. 🙂

      My admiration for these beautiful plants grows with every season.

      Do you like my blog header? ‘Popp-eyes’?

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  2. Beautiful poppies! They are like a little bit of sunshine in the garden, aren’t they? I have red and orange poppies now (well, not right now – its’ winter here), but I used to have a beautiful salmon-colored plant. Sadly, it didn’t come up last spring. I’ll have to try to replace it in April.

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    • They are delightful, and as i have oft mentioned in previous Spring posts, they constantly amaze me with their variations on the original theme. They certainly brighten up my Garden and my life! 🙂

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  3. ohhh, I just love red poppies, because they seem so exotic, as normally all I see are the orange ones, (despite being common are still wonderful) A story associated with the red poppy; I recall my daughter as a teenager having a huge fight with a friend who insisted poppies only came in orange. It is funny how people always want to be “right”– it is silly to fight about something like that, but my daughter knew they came in red as well. I suppose fights like that are more about personal power than they are about poppies.

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    • Absolutely – there is a strong need to always be ‘right’ in some people – i was one of them for the longest time! 😉

      My poppies were originally most likely from Turkey or Israel where Australian soldiers fought and died in 2 World Wars – fought by people who each thought they were in ‘the Right’. I would love to see the look on your daughter’s friend’s face if thay had seen my red poppies start to turn orange and pink and white and purple from one year to the next!!

      Most poppies of mine are red, but some just want to be ‘different’. My Special Poppies! 🙂

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