New Moon and Saturn In Sagittarius

It was the first (second really) day of the New Moon on Sunday which was moving through the constellation of Sagittarius, The Archer sign of the Zodiac.

It’s not one of the easiest Signs to pick out in a night sky – doubly so at dusk – but if you know it well you can make out most of it in this photo (but only when it is enlarged – just click it). You would also notice that there is an ‘extra star’ showing in the constellation – this is the planet, Saturn. 🙂 (Closest to the Moon!)

I’ll let those more expert than i find what conclusions they may of the Aspects of this conjunction. 🙂

I find it very difficult indeed to get a decent close-up shot of the crescent moon as the exposure compensation overcompensates. On the plus side, the wide angled shot lets you see the side of the moon that is in shadow – you can even make out the Oceanus Procellarum (Ocean of Storms) and the Mare (Seas)!

lovewillbringustogether - Moon in Saggitarius

lovewillbringustogether - Moon in Saggitarius1




  1. Saturn is off to the lower left, right? I saw that moon 2 nights ago. I was driving so I couldn’t try for a picture. I also noticed the shadow of the rest of the moon in your picture. That was a pretty good shot.

    I call it a sliver of a moon😊.


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