Giant Grasshopper – (Valanga irregularis)

The largest grasshopper in Australia (where it is sometimes known as a Hedge Cricket, for it’s residence in hedgerows) this insect can reach nearly 90 mm (4 inches) in length! This lady (the females are 50% larger than the males) was every millimetre of that.

As usual you may click and enlarge the photos should you choose to… i recommend it if you have the time. 🙂lovewillbringustogether - Hedge Cricket1

lovewillbringustogether - Hedge Cricket2Displaying some serious spines on her hind legs which can sting and are used to defend herself from attack.

 lovewillbringustogether - Hedge Cricket3You can see clearly one of her 3 ocelli (simple eyes) just forwards of her large complex eyes. (The 3rd is in the centre of her ‘nose’!)

lovewillbringustogether - Hedge Cricket4

Heavy-duty armour plating and savage weaponry combined with massive, powerful muscles make her a fearsome opponent for any foolish enough to try any funny stuff.

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    • They are more afraid of me than i am of them and fly off when you get close (or ‘freeze’ or maybe move round behind the branch they are sunning themselves on! Unlike some of our spiders.)…. but i’d think twice before handling one!! 😉

      She would clear either side of your open palm!

      They have a very loud mating call, usually at night, and can easily be heard from three or four doors away on my block.


        • Locusts are a species of grasshopper. These do eat leaves but you’d pray you never find locusts like these!!! 🙂

          Fortunately they ‘want to be alone’ – she’s the Great Garbo Grasshopper! 🙂


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