100 Things We Lost In The Fire.

Reading this @ A Rambling Collective’s WordPress blog has made me think long and hard about my priorities – and what i once thought was so important – and what i may need to do, should an unforeseen event happen to me, or mine. It may well do the same for you?

(There is a twist to this post which is revealed in aramblingcollective’s comments)

a rambling collective

Photo by Gabriela Palai for Pexels

  1. My teenage diaries.
  2. A battered copy (on loan) of Mrs Beeton.
  3. Those really good cooking tongs.
  4. A signed film poster of ‘The English Patient’.
  5. Your Duke of Edinburgh gold and my bronze.
  6. Our photograph album.
  7. My cashmere pashmina.
  8. My beanie babies collection.
  9. A set list from the Pixies ‘Doolittle’ tour.
  10. Our love letters from when you were working away.
  11. The vinyl has all gone.
  12. Tickets stubs from the final at Wembley.
  13. Your wedding suit.
  14. A box of phones with photos still on them.
  15. Our hiking kit.
  16. A flowerpress full of my childhood.
  17. Shoes that we never wore.
  18. Books. So many books.
  19. A Metrocard from our last NYC trip.
  20. A lock of her hair.
  21. A fridge freezer full of food from yesterday’s big shop.
  22. The 55″ big screen.
  23. My work laptop.
  24. The milk jug shaped like a cow.
  25. My Jo Malone that I was saving…

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    • I had to stop reading at #23 – could feel the loss personally and it was overwhelming.

      Then i read the comments with some considerable relief. but the truth of the concept remains.

      If it happens to us, as we probably are currently – unprepared – it will be devastating.

      Well it would be for me.

      I’m giving ‘Attachment’ a rethink.

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    • From your photos i’d say that if a fire were to ever catch in your neck o’the woods there would not be much left remaining – of anything that was not taken with you. 😦

      Can’t see it happening for at least the next 6 months though ! 😀

      Of course there are plenty of other disasters than Fire. Could we ever prepare for any eventuality? And is it at all wise to therefore not make any preparation – either physically or mentally??

      I get the impression there are very many of us (‘here’ and there’) who have not prepared much, if at all.

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  1. Being that we had smoke here for days and days from the Paradise fire a made the disaster very real for me. A good friend lost her house in last year’s fire in Santa Rosa. She and her husband had built it themselves. When she called me about 6 months later to talk, she was a different person. I do not know how to explain it, but her changed voice was more chilling than anything I could ever read or look at. If the major earthquake that is predicted for my area happens soon, I simply cannot imagine how horrendous it will be.

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    • My state gets some horrific bushfires, but with remarkably little loss of life, Thank God. Today an area of uncleared bush next to a high school was most likely delibearately lit just after the school closed – surprise!

      This year/Summer may likely be a very bad one for fires. The other side of my country has had some of the worst fires ever seen with record high temperatures for this early in the ‘season’. It’s not looking good, we need to be prepared more than we are as a Noation. 😦

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      • I really understood the human cost when my friend called me and she was so changed. Her voice and demeanor, to lose everything, our belongings are part of our identity whether we admit it or not.

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        • Many of us invest a lot of ourself – our identity – in temporary things and material objects.

          This is likely to at some point involve us losing something of great value to our personality.

          It can be very difficult changing the habit of a lifetime – but it may be for our benefit if we identify less with ‘things’ and more with the spirit within those things (and also within each of us) that is indestructable? 🙂

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