Gossamer Wings

On Gossamer Wings

My Love lifts a heavy heart

From it’s isolation.

Inspired by a welcome visitor to my garden today.

As usual you may click and enlarge the photos should you choose to… i recommend it if you have the time. 🙂

lovewillbringustogether - Dragonfly3

Which are the wings and which the shadow?lovewillbringustogether - Dragonfly1

lovewillbringustogether - Dragonfly2

The Dragonfly’s wings seem to be only a scaffold waiting to be covered in some magically crafted fabric! The hint of a skin with the delicacy of the film of a soap bubble can be seen to the keen observer.lovewillbringustogether - Dragonfly4

The muscles securing his wings to his thorax must be incredible – such an awesome tour de force of Creation.

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    • Ti ringrazio molto Simona. 🙂

      Comprendo – completamente! 🙂

      and we all make you even busier by answering us! 😉 🙂

      I know that you do not complain about this fact! 🙂

      My weekend has now become complete per il tuo auguro. 🙂

      Una felice e una produtive Domenica, mia Amica. 🙂

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  1. Great dragonfly pictures! How did you ever get close enough to take them? I used to have a dragonfly field guide and I tried to learn to identify them like I can birds but I never got that good. I still enjoy seeing them Thanks!

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    • It was Serendipity – helped quite a bit by a 60X zoom on my Nikon! 🙂

      I saw him (i’m calling this one a Him – i have a blue ‘her’ floating around my garden at the moment also!) as i was watering in the morning and ran inside to get my camera and could not find it again. It had been very ‘fidgety’ and did not stay longer than a few seconds at a time on one spot.

      Later in the day i wanted to get a ladder from round the back of my garage and he was sitting on the little log sunning himself in the afternoon sun – right where i wanted to walk! I stopped waited and watched and he just lay there. I knew he’d fly away by the time i went to get the ladder, let alone get the camera from inside.
      I went another way and got the ladder, which was within 10 feet of him – and he stayed there! I walked with a long ladder about 12 feet away from him and he stayed still??

      I put the ladder where i wanted to use it and checked and he was STILL there so i went and got the camera.

      I never got closer than about 8 feet and moved 3 times (so did he) to get the shots which were hand held – i was very happy with the results and amazed he stayed there so long. 🙂

      I haven’t yet looked him up to see what type he is but i will. 🙂

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  2. Wow, you did this with a hand held camera and on a ladder!!! What an adventure and well worth it. I love the expression, “gossamer wings”– and how wonderful you had the 60x telephoto lens on your camera. Or did you say you have a 60 x zoom? How is that possible for a camera? (I don’t know much about cameras)

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    • Close Carol! I got the ladder and moved it past the Dragonfly while he stayed still then rested the aldder and took the phot hand held.. My camera has a 35mm wide angle to 1440 mm equivalent (60X) zoom function. – Google ‘Nikon B700’. 50 mm is approximately the same as our unaided vision!


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