Organs, Organisms, Organised, Organisation.

Human Beings are arguably the most advanced and highest-evolved form of consciousness on our shared planet. (I say ‘arguably’ as a highly evolved form of consciousness would not pollute their environment and destroy life-forms they need for survival at the rate we are doing!).

We have achieved this feat mostly within the last 2,000,000 years, prior to this we (our early ancestors) were of a similar level of intelligence to birds, reptiles and other mammals. We largely spent our time trying to find food for survival (Hunting/gathering), avoiding being eaten and attacking or defending ourselves from other tribes. This imbued certain instincts in us for our continued survival which we have carried with us as we underwent a social and intellectual revolution, several of them in fact, starting with the invention of hand held tools (thanks to the good old ‘opposable thumb’) up to the latest, and possibly the last, being the imminent creation of better-than-human artificial machine intelligence, and/or human brain/machine brain integration.


Our brain is a single Organ – the major organ of our Central Nervous System. An organ is a part of an Organism which is, typically, self-contained and has a specific vital function.  The function of the brain is the control of our other organs, muscles and movement, as well as organising all sensory stimulus we need to make sense out of our environment and to organise our organism to ensure it has the best chances for survival in a sometimes dangerous, and often competitive environment. Each one of us is a single organism; a differentiated, independent life-form, which, for our entire history to date, has had to compete with other organisms to ensure it’s way of life was preserved.

An organism more generally can be described as a system or Organization consisting of inter-dependent parts (organs), comparable to a living being, be it a single cell, a plant, or a human entity.

Many independent organisms can be Organised into Organisations. This has happened a fair bit in our current human society – we have a lot of inter-dependent, semi-dependent or independent Organisations – some called ‘Companies’, some called ‘Governments’ (and then there are the Banks, and other four lettered words, grouped into the blanket term ‘Financial Institutions’). More recently there are those called: ‘Dot Coms’.


The major, and longest formed, type of organisation is called a Country. Countries came into existence some 10,000 years ago and are now pretty well defined by borders, rivers and seas or oceans. They cover all of the land surface available to us on the planet and a country’s territory is fiercely defended, sometimes to the point of war. More recently to the point of inhumanity and the self-interest of minorities within each country.

I believe that it is time we better organise our human society, that there is a much better way than country-specific patriotism in which to organise ourselves. We no longer need to live in isolation, each country trying to do it’s best to meet the needs of ‘it’s own’ people in terms of food, water, shelter, employment, defence (more accurately offence) we have trade and a freedom of movement across the globe unparalleled in history.

We have instant access to almost all human knowledge, art, music and philosophy; we can communicate with anyone, anywhere, anytime – even with people with whom you do not share a common language!

We are in a position where we can organise ourselves in a way and quality we never had before to maximise our efficiency in producing enough food to eat, clothes to wear, art to enjoy, and we can produce machines to do all manual labour so we can be free to create instead of slave away in a job we hate merely to pay the ‘bills’.

WE DO NOT NEED ‘BILLS’!!!!! We do not NEED ‘work’. We are perfectly capable of  creating a better world, for ourselves, and for all humans on this planet simply because we enjoy using our individual creative power to do things, and to make things.

It just needs some intelligent thought and a little better ‘organisation’ of the organs of a greater organism, the Human Species.

We can do it if we try. – And if we don’t let those who are hungry,… Greedy, for power stop us by keeping us in fear, afraid, disorganised and controllable.

We are not robots to be programmed to maintain the privileged lives of a few others, not just yet anyway.



  1. I don’t know. I am reading a book right now about bird intelligence. They might have it all over us humans. They don’t pollute the planet or foul their own nests (or so I have heard). They also make and use tools. I watched a video of a crow solving an 8-step problem to get a piece of meat. I think he solved the puzzle faster than I did, and he was not trained. He figured it out on his own.

    And, man I love your politics.

    For just as the body is one and has many members, and all the members of the body, though many, are one body, so it is with Christ. For in one Spirit we were all baptized into one body—Jews or Greeks, slaves or free—and all were made to drink of one Spirit.

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    • Exactly! 1 Corinthians is one of my favourite books!

      I’ve seen some clips/science shows about the crows tool use! 🙂 We might need to re-assess the term ‘Bird-brain’ 😉

      I have also seen articles on Octopuses… what they could do if they ever got organised into multi-million strong societies does not bear thinking about. 🙂

      And then there is the advanced societal nature of the insect kingdom: “Consider the Ant!”

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    • It may be because Simak (and Heinlein and Asimov and Bradbury and so many others) wrote the short stories i greedily devoured in my early (and later) teens. 🙂

      Bradbury’s “Have Spacesuit Will Travel” was one of the first novels i ever read and i was sad for days after finishing it that I no longer had the wonderful world he invented to linger in and indulge my imagination – i wanted to be the ‘hero’. 🙂


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