Flower of the Day – November 27 – Watsonia meriana var. bulbillifera

The Watsonia is yet another S African native that has successfully migrated across the Indian Ocean to my home State. (And is also another one classified as a ‘weed’ here).

It is an annual and dies off in Summer but regrows from new bulbs each Spring . It has large long sword-like leaves (as do many members of the Iris Family) and tall (over 6ft/1.8m) flower stems that can produce a dozen or more flowers per stem from a single bulb.

The local Honey-eaters love them and can seem quite comical if three or more birds try to land on the one stem at the same time as the stalk makes a slow bend to the horizontal which then flings back upright as a bird flies off giving the remaining one a ‘slingshot’ 🙂

(Click on the pics to open in a new window and click again to see full size detail) 🙂lovewillbringustogether - watsonia1

lovewillbringustogether - watsonia4

“Go on Ralph – Higher!”lovewillbringustogether - watsonia3

lovewillbringustogether - watsonia2

link to:

Cee’s Flower of the Day – November 27, 2018 – Tulip

love. ❤


    • We do have some doozies down here for sure, From Massive Emu’s and Vicious (deadly!) Cassowary’s through all kinds of Cockatoos and Cockatiels down to Splendid Fairy Wrens – and the odd penguin! 🙂

      Those in the photo are New Holland (early name for part of Oz) Honeyeaters and are gorgeous – i have a couple of videos of them grouped around my birdbath – do a search on my blog for ‘Honeyeater’. 🙂


  1. I am so grateful to WordPress for opening the world like this to me. I know I will never be able to travel to Australia, and your photos of the honeyeater and the watsonia are precious. I think we have watsonia here, but no honeyeaters!!! What a wonderful name for a bird. I will go back to your honeyeater blog pages.

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