Sitting On The Fence…

This little guy giving me the eye is an Australian Wall, or Fence Skink – Crytoblepharus buchananii, sometimes called a sun lizard. I caught him sunning himself on the small wall that separates my place from my neighbour’s in deep, dark suburbia, proving the name to be particularly apt.

I more often see him running up and down my corrugated cement fence hunting insects or just taking in the rays. 😎

Besides being kinda cute (he’s only around 10 cm (4 in) from tip to tail) he’s good for the garden, eating all kinds of nasty bugs.

You can click on the pic to open in a new window and expand for detail.
lovewillbringustogether - Wall Skink



    • He’s really shiny! This one is fairly uniform i his marking, but some species have quite dramatic stripes/patterns. Some even have sky blue tails – amazing on the browny coloured ones! 🙂

      Seeing one always brings a smile to my face. 😉


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