Love is a Force of Nature.

Love is a fundamental force of the Universe.

force of nature

It is akin to Gravity, Light (all electro-magnetic wavelengths and frequencies), Magnetism, Electrostatic attraction/repulsion and Strong and Weak nuclear forces. It is a part cause of, and interacts with every part of, our Universe.

It’s most notable affect upon humans is the thing we usually mean when we use the word ‘Love’. That is: a strong, sometimes overwhelming feeling, an emotion, that influences the way we think, how we feel and can even affect our sense of physical well-being and health. (Including, but not limited to, mental health!)

We ascribe the source of this feeling to the object we are ‘in’ love with – we objectify it as coming from an object, be that object another human being, a pet, food, a sport or pastime, a place or even a Deity (more accurately our personal interpretation of a thing we associate with the Deity).

Love tends to appear to us as an attraction – we want to be close to our ‘love’, as close as we can get for as long as we can get, and we do not want to be apart from it more than is absolutely necessary as this increases concern and ‘negative’ feelings in us. While love generally imparts positive feelings in us making us feel euphoric, generous, happy, more fulfilled and content, com-passionate as well as Passionate, joyous, unselfish and altruistic, opposite feelings can develop if something deprives us of our connection to the object of our desire.

We can feel need, want, fear, anger, selfishness, sadness, despair, confusion and, in extreme cases, deep depression – the latter leading to potentially disastrous consequences as Juliet discovered when her Love Romeo was taken from her.

For something then that can have such vitally important affects and consequence upon all our lives it must surely be worthy of a little deeper consideration and thought?

Love seems to us to have it’s most notable and powerful affect upon us in a romantic sense. Our Passion is aroused by someone we meet and develops an energy level of it’s own in us that builds up for our own individual reasons.

If the person we meet develops a similar energy, the mutual attraction of these energies reinforces the other in a similar way to the way two similar waves can reinforce the other so as to increase the power of the energy between us that then affects us more strongly.

Since we are beings of finite levels of energy this can result in the (time and) energy we have available for all other things we are involved in in our daily lives to be diminished and things that do not involve the object of our love may get ‘short shrift’ (become diminished in importance, have less attention paid to them).

The effect of which is to create an imbalance in the ‘natural’ state of affairs.

When considering the action of Love on us and our life it is important to bear in mind the principle of Balance.

Love is such a subtle yet powerful force that it is capable of taking us far out of our natural balance if we do not pay close attention.

This will result in many consequences, some of which may at first seem so desirable as to be indispensable and yet others that will, almost inevitably, result in disruption to the path our life would otherwise take. Being in love may not always result in the most favourable outcome, indeed is unlikely to in the long term unless great care is taken and the forces and their consequences are correctly understood.

WE are unlikely to understand them correctly if we do not realise the true source of our love which is NOT the thing we feel we are in love with – that is the AFFECT, it is not the CAUSE.

The Force of Love, the Cause, affects our mind and heart by reflecting aspects of itself to us in the object we think we are in love with. That Force is a part of who we are, it ‘comes’ from within us, from within everything, even the ’empty’ space which most of the Universe, and also matter, consists of.

Because the love we feel is felt ‘within’ ourselves it is our interaction with the part of the Universal Force that is most present within, through and immediately around us that determines the nature of our love: basically our love comes from a point centred within us. It comes from the reinforcement of the ever-present Force and our internal reaction to it within our body. The internal reaction is ‘expressed’ from us and reflected back to us from the relevant bits of the outside world for our senses to receive and add to the ‘interaction’.


I should clarify a little here.

Love exists throughout the Universe as a field of force that is largely uniform.
It can affect matter and presumably other forces but is not caused by them, it does not owe it’s existence to them. Personally my concept of God equates the Force of Love with God: God Is Love. It is ever-present.

And so we know and rely on the Love God has for us. God is Love. Whoever lives in Love lives in God, and God in them. 1 John 4:16

Although being largely of a uniform nature the Force is able to have much greater variability in localised regions, such as within our own body. We can feel love of varying degrees for varying things. Almost all of us have been conditioned into feeling a similar level of love for babies, our own, those of others and also of other creatures. Most of us love puppies and/or kittens for example. We can also feel love for pop singers or groups (usually as teenagers that can remain for life), sportsmen/women or teams, cars, chocolate, bird-watching, hiking, the Gym or working out, indeed an almost limitless number of things. Arguably though, it is the love which we feel for another who ‘makes us complete’, our ‘Soulmate’ which is of the greatest strength and affect upon us and can cause the greatest level of disruption to the rest of our life.

We can tie up a lot of invested energy in the thought of ‘needing’ to have someone else with whom to share the pitfalls and highs of our life… to not have to endure our life ‘alone’. There is a certain level of ridiculousness to this, living on a planet with over 7,000,000,000 other people all of whom are not too dissimilar to ourselves, having very similar needs, but which has been inbred into us through family and social structures throughout the last 10,000 years or more of our combined history.

Finding ‘The One’ can bring us a tremendous sense of relief, gratitude and obligation as our fear of being alone is quashed ‘by’ them, by them loving lonely little ‘us’, in addition to the happy feelings they inspire in us and we in them.

Both the fear and the joy are internal generations of our own body but which we attribute to something ‘other’ than us. To be fair, there may well be some contributions from our genetic inheritance and our social milieu in the form of an ‘expectation’, or pressure to meet certain ‘norms’, but mostly we are responsible for what and who we choose to love, as well as the degree we do so.

The Force of Love will combine with our own desire whether or not we understand these concepts and we can enjoy or suffer the consequences as Time and our choices determine.

We may well be better able to steer our way through our life and have the outcomes we need, rather than those we think we desire at the present time, if we consider them more closely.

Love exists everywhere and at every point in time – it is a force – we can choose if we wish to operate in harmony with it, in Balance and with Understanding, for our ultimate benefit, or if we simply dive in to the ‘ocean waves’ and go along for the ride, where there will be serene seas of Bliss… and the inevitable storms. Some will ‘get lucky’ and largely enjoy the ride it offers while others will undoubtedly find love has more storms than they would prefer (or expect is ‘fair’).

As with other fundamental forces, we can either learn about them, understand them and their affects and so be able to benefit from their selective manipulation in our life… or we can leave it to chance and let Love move within and around us, getting swept away wherever it chooses to raise us up to or drop us down to.

Love is simply a force that will act upon us, depending upon the way we ‘are’ – it will affect all of us individually. It is not a positive, nor a negative force, it is neutral as far as we humans are concerned in the same way Gravity and Light are not positive or negative in relation to us. It seems positive or negative only because of our programming, what we have been lead to believe it is… and which we are frequently proven to be completely wrong about.

Love will operate according to it’s own nature, it is up to us to discover for ourselves what that is and how we can best adapt ourselves to work with it in Harmony, in balance, and not let it move us to either extreme where we either have no control in our life or no feeling of love (Faith) in it.

We do not ever control Love, nor do we ‘own’ it, nor does any other one give it to us. It is simply ‘there/here’ – all the way through us and surrounds us from the centre of our being. It is how we choose to ‘be’ in relation to it that determines how well it manifests in our life.

Study it, learn about all of it, not just the bits you think are ‘nice’ and you will in time find you are being more in harmony with it, becoming more like it.

Be Love – don’t look outside of yourself for it!

Finally a few ‘tips’:

Love operates unconditionally – do likewise.

Love ‘flows’ equally, everywhere – do likewise.

Recognise that Love is always within you and is always being replaced within you – it has a limitless, inexhaustible source – don’t be stingy with it.

Respect Love – and it will respect you.

Love has many faces reflected in our world – try to recognise as many of them as you can, and appreciate them all equally.

If you want someone to love you for who you are do your best to be someone everyone would love to love – this may involve actually spending time with other people and being someone who loves others.





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