Burning Bush.

It’s a never-ending source of frustration to me that there are people in this world who not only don’t understand science, but go out of their way to denigrate it and convince others that what science tells us (and can be demonstrated to be that way by anyone with the ability to follow simple procedures – science is nothing if what it says cannot be demonstrated to be the way it says it is by anyone else following a set procedure) has got it all wrong and is even deliberately trying to feed us false ‘facts’ so as to claim the power of God over us all for itself – or the Devil – however the people may so believe.

One of the most recent examples of this currently flooding You-tube searches are the people posting home-made movies that ‘prove’ Astronomical science is wrong and the Sun (as well as Moon/stars/planets,) is just a few hundred to thousands of miles from the surface of our ‘flat’ planet, and letting you trust the evidence of your own eyes (through their cameras) that a rising sun has clouds both in front of it (as you’d expect) AND ‘behind it’ (as most would not expect) to ‘prove’ this obvious fact for yourselves!

Clearly attempting to convince such blind faith believers (for it is all in the name of breaking the ‘conspiracy’ by science to disprove the existence of God!! Eye-roll.) by merely pointing out the science of optics and light refraction through different density mediums (media?) would be a futile exercise, so i hereby offer incontrovertible photographic proof that the Sun is actually only a few hundred feet from us at Sunset!

(You’ll just have to take my word for the fact that this photo has not been photoshopped or otherwise interfered with in any way, as i have to with the ‘clouds’ ones).

If you cannot tell clearly from this reduced image then click on the photo and use the magnifier (left-click image) to show the full image and you will see that there are definitely branches in front of the Sun, but also that the sunlight (and hence the actual Sun, as per the denigrater’s/deniers videos and statements/comments) is blocking branches which must be ‘behind’ it ‘proving’ the Sun is actually in the middle of that tree! And yet it does not burn???? It must be a miracle?

That tree is in a park on the street behind mine, a maximum of 70 metres (200 ft) from where i took the photo and the camera focus is clearly somewhere between the curly vine on the pergola some 6 m (20ft) away and the tree on the left just a little further from the ‘Sun’.

While the overall tone of this post could be seen as somewhat sarcastic and therefore, by human nature, be taken by some as me making ridicule of some people’s Faith in God I assure you that i have NO issue with believing in God – I believe that God can and does communicate with us on many, many levels.

I do not now, nor will i ever believe however, that God in any way condones ignorance or the attempt to keep others ignorant of Truth. We should all be working towards a higher level of Understanding, not trying to keep others as little informed as they are.

God and science are not incompatible, but a single human understanding of both sometimes seems to be!

FYI – the photo was taken yesterday and the ‘clouds’ are not actual clouds but are smoke particles from a ‘burn-off’ of dense forest decaying matter in the hills east of Perth, so as to reduce the severity of any Summer bushfires by reducing the fuel for them in a ‘safe’ controlled fashion before the high temperatures hit. The Sun just a few minutes before was in the middle of the grey patch and was a pure red, round disk that you could look directly at without leaving any ghost image as so much of the light was being absorbed by the smoke particles. I caught the Sun as it was ‘breaking through’ the layer of smoke to start shining in it’s usual bright yellow colour again.





    • Some see science as something that is attempting to deny their Faith, while others see it as providing proof that there is no God. 😦

      A very sad and divisive state of affairs!

      My reason for creating this blog originally was as an effort to diminish that division.

      Sadly i’m not all that good at doing that! 😉

      Many thanks for your visit and thoughtful comment.

      God is within you. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    • I never get migraines! 🙂

      I get annoyed however. Very, very annoyed.

      It’s one thing to be too stupid to understand how science works – it can be quite complex.

      It’s another thing entirely to deliberately seek to convert others into believing that science is an enormous confidence trick or conspiracy and to do their darndest to make people believe that NASA and Man-Made Global Warming and all Astronomy are ‘in’ on it or are works of those in league with ‘The Devil’ and if you are ‘smart’ you can see the ‘proof’ for yourself (with their help to point you in the ‘right’ direction, of course)!


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